Gods be good, they gave us a trailer for S6!


Don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here hyperventilating.

Yes, I see a lot of crazy shit happening. I have dibsed the trailer analysis for a post on FanSided, but first I have to finish the workday and take some screencaps.

There’s one thing in particular that sticks out at this very moment: DAVOS. Holy fuck.


Game of Anticipation: Whose empire?


Bugger me with a spear, I think we just got a fresh round of HBO-sanctioned promo material for Season 6.

This is happening on Twitter:

I’m trying to pin down the voice. Patrick says it’s the High Sparrow! Of course it is. *slaps self*

That’s obviously Ramsay.

And that’s some Dothraki asshole.

One of my fellow FanSided peeps got to this before I did, but I will see what I can milk from this. See what I mean about the balancing act people like Emilia Clarke have to manage?