Based on someone else’s pitch on the Slack channel (I assure you I’m not spewing nonsense), I have an idea for my next Game of Thrones piece before the DVD set!

Don’t worry, I’m not poaching someone else’s idea; they will be very different pieces. This will be ambitious. Possibly a bit too ambitious. I may be in danger of embarrassing myself just a tiny bit. 


Good things are happening…any second now!


I’m at the “wait to hurry up” stage of making good things happen in a writing capacity. The last time I had this sensation, the process ended up not working out very well, and I may never know to what extent that failure was my fault and how much was out of my control. Not going into details, as you all don’t need that in your lives. Suffice it to say that the failure resulted in a crash in self-confidence that led me to take a sabbatical from my original fiction for the better part of a year.

Right now, though? I’m waiting to get started on something new. I’m going into it with basically no expectations, so it’s not likely to disappoint me like the other thing did. But I’m at that stage where I can’t do anything yet, I can’t tell how long it’ll be before I can (hours? days? minutes?), but I don’t want to waste a second once the process is open.

The sabbatical seems to have been a good idea, let’s just say.

Maybe some day I’ll drop this obsession. Not today.


If you check the page menu under A Monster of Ice and Fire, you’ll see that I’ve added a new page, devoted to all the links concerning The Joy of Unintended Consequences. Also, I’ve updated Game of Speculation and Seven Kingdoms with links to more recent posts. It’s really quite amazing, how many posts I’ve written on Game of Thrones in the last several months.


Oh, there it is!


One of the tricky things about creating a new header image is getting the color palette right. There are so, so many gradients in JWildfire, and most of them are completely inappropriate for what I want to do. But I think this one turned out pretty well.


Hatchette Book Group continues to gouge us.


They just made me pay $14.99 for the ebook of Career of Evil. There is no reason on Earth why a fiction ebook should cost that much. The only reason for Hatchette to charge that price for a novel is: “Because we can fucking get away with it.”

Come the revolution, the executives at Hatchette will be first against the wall.

Until then, I need to catch up with Cormoran and Robin. If some juicy filming news for Game of Thrones comes up, and I seem a bit distracted in responding to it, this is why.

I will be obsessing about this all day.


You guys, I am seeing some HUGE news concerning the Riverrun setting, from a certain Twitter account. I am waiting for corroboration. But you know I’ll be compulsively checking social media until I hear more about this, yes? It’s even bigger than what we got last night.

Random Impressions from last night’s Game of Thrones


It’s sweet to see that Stannis is a loving father who cares that much about his daughter. It’s interesting that he cares about her so much more than his wife does. You know who else is a loving parent, though? Cersei Lannister. That Stannis was willing to go to a lot of trouble to keep his baby daughter alive doesn’t make him a kind man. His going the distance for the survival of his child makes him human and relatable, but it doesn’t make him an especially sympathetic character.

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