Making stuff: Teal stained glass


While I am still not ready to stop running predictions on Game of Thrones, I have decided not to post anything new until we see some new information, and then, only if my predictions are compliant with the new information. I was going to say I’m waiting for the S5 DVD set, but then I realized we’re expecting to get a trailer or two before then. So I might post something in response to the trailer(s) before I get to watch the DVDs with audio commentaries. Until then, though? I need to post on other topics and with other materials.

For instance: I have a new graphic design app on my iPad, and I’m learning how to use it. For now, here’s a little something I made in that new app, and cleaned up in Pixelmator. While it is not quite 100% pixel-perfect, it tiles well enough and it looks pretty. Enjoy.


Authors Show Creativity by Quoting Other Authors


One of my peeps on Facebook gave me a quote from a now-deceased science fiction author you’ve probably heard of once or twice. It’s already a pretty obviously self-effacing bon mot, but I’ve decided to deconstruct it even more:


“Now I will tell you it’s dirty and disgusting to write. In five minutes I will expect you to act as though you refuse to believe it.” –Mr. Important Author 

Kill your heroes, folks.


What happened?


Everyone likes to do these “year in review” posts around now. I’m afraid that if I do that, it’ll end up turning into a therapy session, and you all wouldn’t like that. How’s this for an achievement? I went a full calendar year without suffering any major self-inflicted embarrassment. I think I’ll maintain my haven’t-embarrassed-myself streak, and not subject you lot to my long-winded navel-gazing.


Got as far the dark lipstick before I realized the old black t-shirt was not my best look.

While I’m perhaps a wee bit annoyed at myself for what I didn’t do in 2015, I’m satisfied with what I did do.

For 2016, my attitude is basically: cross my fingers and hope for the best.


Motivational Quotes: When did he die, I wonder?


Oh, dear. I seem to have let sincerity get into my silliness. Tonight, to observe the near-end of S6 filming, I will give you one of the most beautiful passages from Jaime’s POV chapters in A Storm of Swords. This graphic warranted a session in Pixelmator on the laptop because there is no way Retype for iPad can give me this degree of control:


(In case you’re wondering: the Smiling Knight was NOT a good guy. No, he was a nasty piece of work.)

This is the sort of writing that makes me think Jaime is GRRM’s favorite.