Charles Kinsey > You


I am absolutely NOT here for the usual Status Quo Warriors, police brutality apologists and general Part-of-the-Problem folks coming in to say that unlike all those OTHER thugs who clearly deserved to get shot, Charles Kinsey is a REAL victim of ACTUAL police brutality.

It’s true that it’s basically impossible to design a better example of a person who didn’t deserve to get shot, but Mr. Kinsey is better than your white supremacist exceptionalism.

Oh, and also: “Sir, why did you shoot me?” “I don’t know.”


This is not a fun time to be outside.


I think that there should basically be three tiers of getting on the bus, for metro areas that use a debit card system for mass transit: First: those who know where they’re going and are paying with SmarTrip cards (as we call them here in DC). Second: those who know where they’re going and paying with cash. Last: those who want to interrogate the bus driver about where the bus route goes. 

If you’re in the third category, and I have to wait behind you when it’s THIS cold outside…you’re a shitty person and I want you to be punished. Do not stand between me and a warm space, you sorry jackwagon. 

Not that I was paying attention…


I wasn’t following the Golden Globes red carpet on Twitter on Sunday evening, no of course I wasn’t, but if I had done so, I would have been rather disappointed at the piddling Game of Thrones contingent in attendance. I was so spoiled by the showing they made at the Emmys. Man, they were out in force at the Emmys, and I enjoyed their presence so much. For the GGs it was like D&D knew they weren’t winning anything, so they basically asked themselves, “Okay, can we scare up a handful of people who didn’t come with us to the Emmys?” And they scared up a handful of people. Including someone whose character died in S4.

Okay, so I was following the GGs on Twitter.

Game of Obsession: Little She-Wolf


Yeah, I’ll just go ahead and call this biz “Game of Obsession” from now on, because that’s what I’ve done to myself.

In a rare fit of having spare time yesterday, I started puttering around in Google Drive and gathering the puzzle pieces for Arya. I’ve never been all that into Arya, but right now I feel like I should have a grip on what she’s up to.

ETA: Try this one here. Yeah, I’ve got some ideas.

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