Yes, I would LOVE another 2 minutes of new GOT images!

Well, everyone, in case you haven’t been on Twitter in the last couple of hours: we’ve got a new Game of Thrones trailer!

I was sort of hoping to work on other stuff today, but here we are!


Do I see a Stark banner behind Davos? Indeed I do!


Well, if it isn’t Walder Frey, alive and pleased with himself!

Game of Spoilers: It’s All Happening in the Riverlands!

Oh, dear. I was just complaining that I might have time to make my own stuff since I was hearing so little about Game of Thrones filming in Northern Ireland, and now suddenly I’m up to my eyebrows in filming news. Oh yes. Oh fucking yes. Both Winter and Watchers are on the case, with shiny new SPOILERS courtesy of Los Siete Reinos! Riverrun is the place to be. YOU FUCKING KNOW IT.

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