School voucher program brings out the stupid in Louisiana.

Louisiana state Rep. Valarie Hodges, who looks like Sarah Palin’s dowdier sister, is simply shocked—shocked, I tell you—to hear that when they say “use state funds to send kids to religious schools,” it includes religions other than hers.

“I actually support funding for teaching the fundamentals of America’s Founding Fathers’ religion, which is Christianity, in public schools or private schools,” the District 64 Representative said Monday.

“Unfortunately it will not be limited to the Founders’ religion,” Hodges said. “We need to insure that it does not open the door to fund radical Islam schools. There are a thousand Muslim schools that have sprung up recently. I do not support using public funds for teaching Islam anywhere here in Louisiana.

That is a lot of wrongness in a little bit of word count.

I will save the school voucher debate for later. The religious freedom debate, however, is fairly straightforward. If you do not want state funds supporting schools of a particular religion, you do not allow state funds to support schools of ANY religion. In fact, they shouldn’t be using state funds for anything but secular schools anyway, but a person who’s been elected to a legislative position really ought to be aware of the connection between “religious schools” and “religions she doesn’t like.” I think I learned that in 9th-grade Civics class. It was a well-funded public school.