Freeing Tyrion was not Jaime’s idea

PoorQuentyn fielded this question on his blog a couple days ago:

Do you think Varys set up Tyrion to kill his father? If so was Varys planning on releasing Tyrion on his own even if Jaime hadn’t made him do it?

To which PQ answers:

Yes and yes.

I was unfamiliar with the idea of Varys having set Tyrion up to kill Tywin, but a little Google search reveals there’s plenty of support for it.

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Now I see the gun on the wall.

I’m gonna do a couple of ASOIAF posts back to back. Both have to do with Dany.

First is that after months of reading posts by the Wars and Politics writers assuming that of course King’s Landing is getting burned to the ground when Daenerys returns to Westeros, Brynden BFish has finally convinced me that the city will be at least partially destroyed. He Tweeted this link to his Reddit post today, and it reminded me that there are some things I’ve missed by having read only parts of the first three books.

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Game of Anticipation: Sensationalism is noted.

Tonight is Season 6 Teaser Night for Game of Thrones fans! The teaser was leaked earlier today because of course it was, so a lot of us got a chance to watch it well ahead of its proper release time of 8:59 PM. From most of us, the reaction was basically: meh. And I see where that’s coming from. There’s no new footage.


There’s still something to work with, and I wrote up an analysis of the teaser content for FanSided, which you can find here and includes the following:

Of the first four faces, there is a certain relationship between the lines we hear and the circumstances of the character’s death. Ned Stark abided by an honor-based system of law enforcement in which lords were expected to do the physical labor of death sentences. He was sentenced to death by Joffrey, but he was beheaded by a servant, Ser Ilyn Payne.

Of course I didn’t say anything about what this means for anyone’s chances of resurrection. Jon Snow is included in the trailer, and I didn’t say anything about what that says about whether he stays dead, and the reason I didn’t say anything is that I think it’s entirely obvious that he’s not staying dead, and everyone else is already on the topic of Jon’s status so I’m free to ask other questions.

Truly, though, I think Jon’s role in the teaser is qualitatively different from the other characters (go follow the link to my FanSided article to see what I mean) and the reason why he’s set apart from the others is that he’s the one who’s coming back. The other four characters are treated the way they are because…they’re dead and they’re staying that way.

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The lion, the wolf, and the dragon, or: how I spent my Saturday morning.

In response to the new teaser vids we got last Friday afternoon, just as the world was about to end out here in the mid-Atlantic region, I wrote up a new piece for Fansided!

Houses Stark, Lannister, Targaryen have plenty in common.

(Note: I am grateful to have editors like Dan Selcke, who smack my SEO into shape when I feel like I can’t possibly do it.)

On Friday, the Game of Thrones Twitter account released three teaser videos, one each for Houses Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen. Each video features the voice of a character who is antagonistic to the interests of the House in question; Ramsay Bolton proclaims his ownership of Winterfell, the High Sparrow tells his followers they can overthrow an empire, and a Dothraki leader tells Dany she is “queen of nothing.”

Taken together, the impression is that we should see all three of these great Houses, which up to now have been working at cross-purposes, on similar terms. They are all fighting to survive, all struggling against the aggression of people who were once trusted allies. As of the end of Season 5, these three great Houses have more in common than they understand.

So I wrote about what connects these three Houses. Spoiler alert: I still don’t think Tyrion is a Targaryen. I think his connection to Dany as an advisor is sufficient as a connection between Lannister and Targ. Also, I managed to take a new climb up that hill-I’m-willing-to-die-on and Dan didn’t even try to edit it into something more tentative.

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The gun hanging on the wall isn’t such a big gun.

The folks at Wars and Politics of ASOIAF hold the wildfire under King’s Landing as a Chekhov’s Gun. As in, you don’t hang a gun on the wall unless you’re going to shoot it. In practical terms, the prediction is that since we’ve been made aware of a large amount of wildfire stored under King’s Landing for the past 20-or-so years, that wildfire is going to blow King’s Landing to tiny bits.

To wit:

If I have to pick just one? The wildfire under King’s Landing. We know as readers that it’s there, from Tyrion’s and Jaime’s POVs. We also know – and this is equally important – that only two people in the world for sure know how extensive it is: Jaime and Brienne (though the upper-level Alchemists probably know as well). We know that wildfire gets more volatile as it sits (and this has been sitting for almost two decades). We know that the presence of dragons in the world makes wildfire more potent. We’ve seen how dangerous wildfire is, at the Blackwater – how it will burn through anything, and how it takes very little to set it off. And we know that, eventually, Daenerys will be coming to King’s Landing, with at least one dragon in tow. I have very little doubt in my mind Daenerys will, unintentionally, blow up the city of her ancestors.

Okay, that’s interesting, but I see a complication: the wildfire under King’s Landing is NOT so extensive anymore.

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Game of Cliffhangers: Addendum to List


I was doing a little thinking out loud on another site, regarding S6:E1, and I realized that I forgot something from my earlier list.

We’re going to see Tyrion in Ep1. OF COURSE we’ll see Tyrion in Ep1. We can’t have a first episode without Tyrion. We have to see him making eunuch jokes at Varys and Grey Worm. I just didn’t think about Tyrion & Co. being in Ep1 because I can’t be bothered to make predictions about Meereen. It’ll be a shit show, I think that much is a safe assumption. I’m adding P-Dink, Conleth Hill and Nathalie Emmanuel to the cast names I expect to see in opening credits for Ep1.


Unintended Consequences, Stage 3: House Lannister Falls Apart

Oh my stars and garters, WordPress went and fucked with the Create Post interface again.

But that won’t stop me from sharing more of the Unintended Consequences fun. How do you feel about a title like “House Lannister Falls Apart”?


“You want her? Go get her.” So he did.


If you’re coming to this essay for the first time, I’ve also posted the Introduction, Stage 1 and Stage 2.

If you don’t already have a copy to read offline, it’s never too late to download the iBooks or PDF version.
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Game of Shipping: I Indulge in Wacky Theories

While I was reading up on goofy fan theories in ASOIAF today, I came across one idea that I actually like, and it is: Tyrion’s first wife, Tysha, is now in Braavos! Read on and I’ll talk about shipping for both of our Lannister brothers!

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