I’d much rather talk about Team Sansa, though.

Okay! Since I’m still awake, let’s see how much more I can say about Season 6 before I fall over!

There were some cliffhangers last season, yes? Lots of questions in need of answers.

One of the questions I kept bringing up was: What happened to Podrick Payne and that axe while Brienne was interrogating Stannis?

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In which I STILL try not to get my hopes up too much…

Just gonna leave this here with a SPOILER WARNING. They’re good spoilers. But still. Alfie Allen does not mess around.

No, seriously. I read his bit and had a major physiological reaction. Assuming he isn’t outright lying, I have a lot to be excited about.

Game of Anticipation: Winterfell!

I’m gonna put this pic of Sam and Gilly here because I can’t fit it anywhere else.


We see Sam, and Gilly, in what looks like the hold of a ship. We don’t see Baby Sam.

Sam looks like he’s about to blow chunks. Gilly looks unamused. That, or he’s talking to someone who’s just out of view. Gilly still looks unamused.

Below I have pics of Sansa and Theon. See, I told you they survived the jump.

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The lion, the wolf, and the dragon, or: how I spent my Saturday morning.

In response to the new teaser vids we got last Friday afternoon, just as the world was about to end out here in the mid-Atlantic region, I wrote up a new piece for Fansided!

Houses Stark, Lannister, Targaryen have plenty in common.

(Note: I am grateful to have editors like Dan Selcke, who smack my SEO into shape when I feel like I can’t possibly do it.)

On Friday, the Game of Thrones Twitter account released three teaser videos, one each for Houses Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen. Each video features the voice of a character who is antagonistic to the interests of the House in question; Ramsay Bolton proclaims his ownership of Winterfell, the High Sparrow tells his followers they can overthrow an empire, and a Dothraki leader tells Dany she is “queen of nothing.”

Taken together, the impression is that we should see all three of these great Houses, which up to now have been working at cross-purposes, on similar terms. They are all fighting to survive, all struggling against the aggression of people who were once trusted allies. As of the end of Season 5, these three great Houses have more in common than they understand.

So I wrote about what connects these three Houses. Spoiler alert: I still don’t think Tyrion is a Targaryen. I think his connection to Dany as an advisor is sufficient as a connection between Lannister and Targ. Also, I managed to take a new climb up that hill-I’m-willing-to-die-on and Dan didn’t even try to edit it into something more tentative.

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All Your Speculation Fodder is Belong to Me

Game of Thrones fucking OWNED the goddamn Emmys (although they were still short by one trophy: Lena Headey should’ve won for Supporting Actress!), and I enjoyed the shit out of everyone’s Twitter updates on Sunday night. I may have saved some photos to my iPad of certain cast members looking fine on the red carpet and at the after party. Maybe just a few.

I may be kind of late to the party and that’s mostly because of work/commuting issues which I will not elaborate here (see my Twitter feed for my drunken rantings about the DC Metro system), but what the heck. People are asking our dearest actors for speculation fodder, mostly focusing on the fate of Jon Snow, and I can find fodder in the oddest places.

For example, when the nice lady asks Sophie T about Jon:

I am interested in this: she sounds genuinely clueless about Jon, AND she confirms that she’s already filmed a lot of her part for the season. That tells me this much: whatever she’s already filmed for S6, it does NOT include going anywhere near wherever Jon is. Assuming she isn’t being completely disingenuous about Jon’s status, of course. Also, she may still have some more scenes to shoot. But so far! No interactions between Sansa and Jon.

Also, there’s this:

She says, regarding Sansa and Theon jumping off the walls of Winterfell, that we HOPE they fall into a big pile of snow. BUT then she also says, this season is pretty amazing for her! Which doesn’t tell us much about what Sansa is DOING next season. But I think it tells us pretty well that she and Theon survive their jump, and they recover from the impact well enough. I like to think she’s letting us know Sansa finally gets a season of staying in one piece without being perpetually victimized. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Also, while we’re here: I really, really love Sophie’s outfit. It’s glamorous, polished, and different enough from what all the other ladies are wearing, to make an impression.


Alfie says:”It’s gonna be an epic landing for sure.”

Also, does anyone here understand spoken Dutch? What is Carice saying?

(Everyone’s using those little portable fans. I hear it was an especially hot day in LA.)

Finally, there’s this:


GRRMartin goes through a list of names of “dead people” he wants to thank for having made the series great. By dead people, he names a bunch of perfectly healthy actors whose characters have died on the show. As Ani Bundel notes, that list does NOT include Kit Harington, but as I note, the list DOES include Michelle Fairley. Don’t hold your breath for Undead Cat Stark, is all I’m sayin’.

Game of Speculation: So far, I haven’t embarrassed myself.

*looks at country list in WordPress stats* Oh, hi, Hungary! *waves to Hungarian readers*

Earlier this off-season, I ran through a bunch of feels about my dear Brienne, and once that was mostly out of my system, I set up a fairly basic prediction for her movements in S6. Then I made some more predictions for Jaime. Pretty basic, fairly well-explained predictions for what happens to him. More recently, we got a little nugget of not-entirely-verified speculation fodder that suggested that Jaime was heading north. Which works just fine for me.

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The speculation fodder is very squishy this week.

HBO has confirmed that they cast Pilou Asbæk (and it is such a PITA to type his last name on an Anglocentric keyboard) as Euron Greyjoy. Meanwhile I’m all like, ehhh, am I expected to get excited about having to deal with the Greyjoys in S6? I care about Theon and Yara at least a little, and I want to see them find each other and be a fam again, but the rest of that clan is all heat and no light. Dude looks really good for a relative of Theon’s, even though he’s awfully young to be Balon’s brother, but do I even care about relatives of Theon’s? I sort of care about his sister.

Since we know who’s playing Euron, that narrows down the field of possible Ian McShane roles. Most people are talking about either Randyll Tarly or Septon Meribald. (And I’m fairly sure we’re getting a Septon Meribald/Elder Brother composite, but that character is a viable candidate for McShane’s role.) And I sort of have opinions on where McShane might be a good fit, so I’ll go ahead and share them: I think the Meribald/Elder guy is the best candidate. Yeah, I do. I think so because, from what I’ve heard about McShane’s previous acting (I haven’t actually seen Deadwood), the Meribald/Elder guy would be the most surprising. He’d be typecast as Randyll Tarly, and I think Game of Thrones wants to give us a surprise with this one. So, my prediction is McShane will be the sensible old clergyman in the Riverlands, and the role of Randyll Tarly will go to whoever has the best face to receive Gwendoline Christie’s fist.

What? I think we all know that whatever happens in the Riverlands in S6 will have a lot of differences from what we saw in the books, so as long as they’re switching things up, why not let Brienne break that asshat Tarly’s face? So much better a use of her time than giving Stannis a quick death. For those who haven’t read the books: Tarly has the best example of a face in need of a fist, and he shows his asshat colors most brightly when interacting with Brienne. She owes him a sound beating about the head and shoulders.

While all that is going on, someone points out Alfie Allen staying at a hotel near a harbor where they’re filming Iron Islands scenes. We don’t know whether he’s present in the same scenes as they filmed with the other Ironborn peeps, or even if he’s filming at the same harbor (he’s nearer to Portballintrae, which is near but not interchangeable with Port Ballintoy). So that’s where I’d really like some more clues: what location does that harbor represent where Theon is concerned? Central and northern Westeros don’t lack for harbors, so there are lots of options, but I’m more interested in where Theon has scenes than in who’s playing new characters.

Game of Speculation: What Littlefinger Doesn’t Know

Remember my belly-aching months ago about how marrying Sansa to Ramsay fucking Bolton was such a preposterous idea because Littlefinger would never do anything so incredibly dangerous to her?

Yeah, well. I still think my logic was sound, but much of my outrage had to do with having already made predictions that precluded this turn of events. Also, my argument against the marriage plan was based on the assumption that Littlefinger knew perfectly well that Ramsay fucking Bolton was a disgusting sadistic monster. According to writer/producer Bryan Cogman, he didn’t know that:

The writer producer also confirmed that, for those suspecting Littlefinger might have known about Ramsay’s sadism, that Baelish was definitely ignorant of the situation. “The difference between the Ramsay Snow of the books and the show is the Ramsay of the show is not a famous psycho,” he said. “He’s not known everywhere as a psycho. So Littlefinger doesn’t have the intelligence on him. He knows they’re scary and creepy and not to be fully trusted and it’s part of a larger plan.”

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So Many Unanswered Questions: They Make Me Ask and Ask

It’s that time of year when the good people at HBO are getting ready to start filming a new season of Game of Thrones, and those of us who are weirdly obsessed with the noble families of Westeros get plenty of speculation fodder. I’m sure it’ll only get worse as the pre-production stage gives way to production, but for now, I’m hearing just enough to get me all excited. It doesn’t take much.

I still don’t have anything concrete here, but I’ve seen one interesting piece of news that reminds me of something else I was thinking about within the last few weeks, even though I had completely forgotten about the relevant events from S3. It’ll all become clear by the end of this post.

The topic of this post is—this will surprise no one—Brienne’s quest to find and protect Sansa. That’s what I want to talk about today.

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