Sunday Storytime: “She wanted to make art all day long.”

If you’re visiting this blog for the first time: I post an excerpt from one of my novels-in-progress every Sunday afternoon. This one is an urban fantasy which I usually call Book 4, though its working title is Suicide is for Mortals. For more excerpts from the same WIP, please visit the “meliana and miranda” tag.

This one is from the POV of Dorian Gustafsson, the psychiatrist who looks after the Lucas family. He is talking to Miranda, who wants to know about Meliana.

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Sunday Storytime: “Blameless Parasites.”

Here is another snippet from Fait Accompli. This one is from Nadia’s POV, set after she’s discharged from the hospital and placed in the charge of DC’s Department of Social Services.

If you’re unclear about the language or politics in play here, I encourage you to visit the “fait accompli” tag for more info.

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Sunday Storytime: “Of course I know it’s illegal, that’s why I’m asking you.”

For this week’s Storytime, Claudia will ask her neighbor, Dr. Epstein, about her new client, Nadia. Dystopian vocabulary this week is DOALA: Defense of American Life Act. Dr. Epstein is a gynecologist, and by that, of course I mean “part-time abortionist,” which in this story means he’s breaking the law every day. See “fait accompli” tag for other excerpts in this novel.

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Sunday Storytime: “Hutchinson was known as Godzilla, and they didn’t mean the nickname affectionately.”

Here we go! Today we have a somewhat longer Storytime, but I just can’t bring myself to make a Mutapic for this one. I’m feeling just a little under-resourced and overextended at the moment. Anyway, we’re still in Suicide is for Mortals (aka Book 4), and picking up where last week’s episode left off. The narrator is Scanlon, telling us about the administration of President Hutchinson and the ill-advised secession of Rezarta.

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Sunday Storytime: “New dimension of internecine hostility.”

It’s that time of the week again! Things are looking up as far as my authorly duties go; I’m now in the hurry-up-and-wait stage with Charlinder, and aside from that I can get back to attending to my other stories. I still haven’t done any actual writing yet, but the situation is quickly coming under control. Here is a little snippet from Book 4, which I have tentatively titled Suicide is for Mortals. (Subtitle: Immortality Sucks.) Scanlon is the narrator again.

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Sunday Storytime: Can’t brain today. I haz the dumb.

The past couple of weeks have been ruthless to me as a person with creative obligations, and the writing of fiction has not been happening. Rather than pick out a little passage from my trove of already-written fiction-in-progress and pretend that everything is going just fine, I have ginned out a pretty, though narratively meaningless graphic in Mutapic and Pixelmator as an honest expression of insanity. I will use it to show you how I’m feeling these days: confused, vaguely colorful, abstract, complicated and sort of sparkly. If you think it looks nice, feel free to use it. Put it in a website design, a book cover, use  it as a digital scrapbooking element, whatever. Alter it to your heart’s content. Charlinder’s back-to-school demands are holding my brain hostage.

Click on graphic to see full size.

Sunday Storytime: “She ran away from home to come here, you know…”

I will show you a little bit of Fait Accompli this week, in which Claudia and Tasha pay a visit to Nadia’s former landlady, Gail Lovejoy, and ask her some questions. I’m pretty sure there are no new Broken Generation vocabulary terms popping up in this excerpt. To see other excerpts from the same novel-in-progress, visit the “fait accompli” tag.

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