I’m Also a Novelist: Interesting Search Terms

Someone—I’ll assume it’s one visitor making two visits, rather than two different people using the same search phrase—found my blog today by searching for:

  • butt charlinder black ass

…and the strange part is that it doesn’t seem to have brought them to any of my book-related pages.

It’s a curiously random combination of words, but even so, my first literary protagonist is a multiracial-black young man named Charlinder, and he does a lot of interesting things in my debut novel, Charlinder’s Walk, and I will admit that there are some women who enjoy his fine ass. If all that mountain-climbing doesn’t give him an impressive backside, then he must have had a gorgeous pair of glutes to begin with.

Most of you may not be looking for man-butt in particular, but I am a writer of original fiction, and if you’ve been enjoying my Game of Thrones posts, and/or my social-justice writing, you may also enjoy my novels. If you’re on Goodreads, add Charlinder’s Walk to your shelf. It’s only $4.99 on Kindle. If Charlinder’s Walk seems too weird for you, you may still enjoy my urban fantasy/women’s fiction, Suicide is for Mortals. It’s only $2.99 on Kindle. It features vampires and other paranormal creatures written for readers who are tired of vampires and paranormal creatures. There’s more info available under the “I Write Books” tab at the top. Give either or both of my books a peek, if you enjoy my blog. Also, I have a Facebook page you might like.

“Authorly” is a real word because I say so.

It’s been a lovely, sunny weekend here in Maryland, so of course I’ve spent most of the day indoors and doing my authorly duties. The paperback of Suicide is for Mortals is not quite ready, but I spent much of yesterday formatting a nice shiny final version, and I uploaded the new interior today. Once Createspace lets me check off some boxes, then I’ll order the proof copies to verify that it looks the way a paperback should.

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I have verified that Suicide is for Mortals is available at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble! And of course it’s always available on Kindle.

There’s a new page in the top menu: After the Resettlement, as told by “Professor” Julian Teng. This is another view of the After Rezarta world. Is Professor Teng an entirely reliable narrator? That’s a good question, but he’s always sincere.

Finally, the Suicide is for Mortals paperback giveaway is still happening. Winners will receive the nice shiny final version of the book. If you don’t have a Goodreads account, there’s no time like the present to sign up.

A vampire, a ghost and a fairy all climb into an ambulance…

Today is the official release of Suicide is for Mortals on Kindle!

Smashwords will follow in about a week. Print editions come later.

Please, take a look-see at my preview content, join my mailing list, add the book to your shelf at Goodreads, and then get yourself a copy on Kindle. It’s only $2.99, with lending enabled.

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“There were no barriers to sitting down at a computer…”

Here is another little snippet from Suicide is for Mortals. This is Meliana’s POV, talking about Miranda:

She insisted that there were no barriers of mental health, competence or moral integrity to sitting down at a computer with Internet access. (Regarding mental health, she used herself in her post-Presidential years as an example.)

And so Meliana learns an important lesson about the disadvantages of the Digital Age.

I am sick and still overworked at the office job. I’m still working on the novel, though, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be ready to find an editor after this round of revision. There are only a few more chapters to go.

No Such Thing as Life Without Risk

I’m still revising Suicide is for Mortals. It’s a compulsion and a coping mechanism. Coping for what, is difficult to explain. Here is a little snippet from the book, via Scanlon Ness’s POV:

This is the evolutionary juggling act of every animal species in the wild: kill without being killed. Find plenty of food without exposing yourself to predators. It’s a constant tug-of-war between the threat of starvation and the threat of violence, whether it be predation or competition. There’s no such thing as life without risks. An individual can simplify the balance of risk by surviving on little food, but a species cannot survive without offspring, and cubs mean more mouths to feed and more habitat to defend.

Sometimes, a cub will stray outside the pack’s territory and need to be located and retrieved. The pack could arguably prevent such security breaches from recurring by killing the offending cub, but a pack cannot afford to make a habit of killing its young. This is especially salient if the species is slow to breed.