In which the foreshadowing piles up.

Last night I watched Game of Thrones—the latest Episode 9!!!!—while sober and sick with a cold. I found the experience is basically the same as watching while drunk. Our peeps across the pond should be watching it, just about…now.

I think you’ll find it’s not a great episode, but it is an excellent Episode 9. I did an analysis of the Episode 9 events and their consequences for FanSided earlier this year, and there’s a definite formula that goes with the Nines. It’s not just “big scary stuff happens,” it’s about power shifts and victories with complications. This one fits into that tradition. We can criticize the storytelling choices, but as far as Nines go, this one gets the job done.

But I want to talk about what I think will happen next week.

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Someone is fucking with us.

News around Twitter today is the first episode of GoT S6 aired accidentally last night, for some viewers at least, and now there are spoilers posted on Reddit. I’ve seen the supposed spoilers. There’s a brief, poorly written synopsis (like, it refers to Theon as Rick) that’s mostly composed of stuff we know from preview clips, interviews, and entirely inevitable follow-ups to the Season 5 cliffhangers. No mention of the Boltons. No mention of anything happening in Meereen. The new information is logistically questionable at best.

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I doubt this will derail the Hype Train

While I’m stuck on hold with Verizon tech support, I might as well do a little thinking aloud, so here’s another bit of last-minute casting news for GoT S6: remember that “sly hapless son of a cruel father” we heard about last year? Last night, we found out what we’re pretty sure is that hapless sly son.

Spoiler alert:

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I may have embarrassed myself a tiny bit.

You may have heard the expression: when you ASSume, you make an ASS of U and ME.

Remember when we got that raft of gorgeous production stills from HBO, and I assumed they were all from the first two episodes? I made that assumption based on certain characters being omitted; somehow I figured that if they were showing us that big a set of photos taken throughout the season, they’d give us at least one instance of each of the major character sets. Since there was no Littlefinger, for example, I figured they were only showing us shots from the first two episodes, and he wasn’t there. No sign of Jorah or Daario? I guess they don’t show up until maybe Ep3.

However. My editor Dan Selcke reported at Winter is Coming that he’d heard from an attentive reader who pointed out something more relevant, which is that many of the photos gave away episode numbers in their file names. The good people at HBO have since altered most of the photos’ file names to take out the episode numbers, but a few are still intact and some sites have posted most of the photos with their previous file names still giving us the relevant information.

With that in mind, it seems that while the production stills are heavy on the first episode, they’re actually spread throughout the first half of the season.

The ones they showed us of Dany camped out with the new khalasar, for example? Those are all labeled EP601.

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Let’s have some clarification on Jaime & Cersei

I may be a teensy bit embarrassed that I’m still up and working on this, but, as long as we’re up, I think I’ll put some of the Twincest hype into context.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau answered some questions for a reporter from Access Hollywood last night at the premiere, in a video which is linked here but which I don’t think they’ll let us embed:

I’ll focus on the part about Jaime telling Cersei they’ll take back everything that’s been taken from them. Transcript:

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You know, I consider this a spoiler?

It’s a great day to be a Brienne fan. I got two Likes on Twitter from Gwendoline Christie since last night, and we hear some very promising news from the Telegraph regarding the LA Premiere of Season 6. Critic Jane Mulkerrins tell us…and I am putting this under a cut because I think this is substantial enough to count as a SPOILER:

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Yes, I would LOVE another 2 minutes of new GOT images!

Well, everyone, in case you haven’t been on Twitter in the last couple of hours: we’ve got a new Game of Thrones trailer!

I was sort of hoping to work on other stuff today, but here we are!


Do I see a Stark banner behind Davos? Indeed I do!


Well, if it isn’t Walder Frey, alive and pleased with himself!