We all love the Riverlands Reunion

If you are not a Game of Thrones viewer, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

If you are a Game of Thrones viewer, you may understand why I’m still awake at this hour. I am still awake, I am drunk, I am exhausted, and I just uploaded ~200 screenshots (not even exaggerating) to Google Drive.

If you’re a Jaime/Brienne enthusiast, and you haven’t already seen the episode: get ready, because it is fucking LIT.

Was that a spoiler? Not really, I don’t think. Just take my word for it: this episode is fabulous and amazing for those of us who appreciate the magical perfection that is J/B.

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I wish Game of Thrones showed on Saturday nights.

If it were on Saturday, then I could stay up late after watching the new episode and not have to go to work the next morning.

Instead, I stay up well past my bedtime to do a slideshow for FanSided, and then I have to perform the absurdity that is Monday morning.


It would be slightly easier if I lived on the west coast and thus had more time between the episode and getting up to catch the bus, but no, I live near DC, so there’s no room for a good night’s sleep after writing my 5 Questions Answered.

For my peeps across the pond: Episode 7 is definitely worth a watch. It is NOT the best episode of the season. There are some great moments, and there are some disappointments.

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In which I STILL argue against Cleganebowl

Great news, Throners! We have two new episode titles, and one of them almost certainly refers to something AWESOME happening in the Riverlands Reunion!

I covered the episode titles here, and said a few words about what THAT one means.

For those who can’t be bothered to follow that link: the title of Ep6 is “Blood of My Blood,” the reaction to which is mostly “eh, okay,” and the title of Ep7 is “The Broken Man,” the reaction to which is basically “HOLY FUCKING SHIT” all over Twitter.

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Game of Cliffhangers: Now We Answer Some Questions

I have a new book! It’s so shiny and pretty, and it’s a genuine, official, HBO-sanctioned product!

“Game of Thrones: The Noble Houses of Westeros, Seasons 1-5” by Running Press


In which I peer disapprovingly at my ridiculous Cousin Cersei’s latest antics. 

We’re the Riverlands Lannisters, the ones that packed up and intermarried with the Tullys, hence the auburn hair and blue eyes. We still rock the red and gold, though.

I read basically all of this book on the way home from work this evening, and while it could use a bit more proofreading, the photos are gorgeous and some of the information is super helpful.

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Game of Speculation: Rumors, actors, Instagram, and what-not.

*looks at country list in WordPress stats* Oh, hi, France! *waves to French readers*

It’s a good thing I don’t live in Northern Ireland, because if I did, I probably would’ve quit my job by now to spend all my time skulking around Game of Thrones filming sites, and I might have a hard time paying for food and transportation after a while.

But really, the only drawback would be that I wouldn’t be making money. Everything else would be fabulous.

New stuff from Watchers today!

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Early Winter in the Riverlands, Part 4: the Warrior Maid

Continuing the theme of obsessing over the Riverlands in S6, I had to get to Brienne eventually. We don’t really know what she’s doing next year, but she’s as good a candidate as any for the Riverlands, so why not?

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Early Winter in the Riverlands, Part 3: the Gruff Priest and Others

Continuing from my ideas about certain major characters coming to the Riverlands in S6, now I’ll move on to characters we haven’t yet seen on the show.

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“Sing, Little Bird.”

On the topic of “where Sandor Clegane may go later in the series,” assuming he’s alive (and I think he is), I’ve done a little research, and that’s taken me back to the scene in A Clash of Kings where Sansa finds Sandor in her bedchamber during the siege of King’s Landing. Now I see it; up to now, I didn’t take SanSan seriously, but now, I get it. I don’t like the pairing, but GRRMartin does appear to be writing them as a viable relationship. If Sansa is still alive by the end (I think she will be), and if she has a romantic partner, I think it’ll be Sandor Clegane.

I will focus on this scene because of how much it says, in so little time, about who Sandor Clegane is.

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Game of Speculation: I Argue Against Cleganebowl

Since we have signs of Sandor Clegane reappearing in Game of Thrones S6, there’s a fan theory going around my fellow Throners that goes basically like this: the healed and reborn Sandor Clegane turns up in King’s Landing as the Faith’s champion in Cersei’s trial by combat, whereas Cersei’s champion is Ser Robert Strong, who is very obviously a re-animated Gregor Clegane. Thus, Cersei’s trial by combat is the premise for the Ultimate Showdown of the Clegane Brothers. We call this theory Cleganebowl.

I admitted yesterday that I don’t like Cleganebowl, but I didn’t really have an argument against it. Since then, I’ve given it some thought, and now I have an argument against it. I don’t think this is going to happen. It’s not outside the realm of possibility, but I think it’s an extremely unlikely scenario, in both books and show. Let me tell you why. The arguments against Cleganebowl are, from least to most important, as follows:

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