Congratulations, GoT fandom: it’s a Dickon!

I see they’ve cast another character for S6: this time it’s Dickon Tarly, Samwell’s little brother. This is their idea of a “little” brother to Sam:

In the books, we’re told the birth order is Sam, three sisters, then finally Dickon, who is about 10 years old when we hear about him in A Feast for Crows. I don’t think we’ve ever really seen him on-page, but from what we hear about him, he’s probably a decent-enough kid. Brienne has this boy to thank for not losing her virginity to some jackass knight trying to win a bet.

On the show, I suppose they’ve decided to make him the second child, right after Sam. He’s clearly not a little boy.

I hope they don’t write him as a bullying misogynist asshat like his father.

Passing time with blond babies in Spain

We have a bit of news for Game of Thrones S6, as reported by Twitter-Block on the Wall, that they’re looking to cast a baby, age 9-12 months and with blond hair, in Canet de Mar.

The significance of this casting call is, according to Sue the Fury:

Canet de Mar is the home of the Castell de Santa Florentina, the medieval castle that has been the subject of speculation since it was confirmed as a season 6 location.  Baby Sam in Canet de Mar presents a strong likelihood that Castell de Santa Florentina is Horn Hill, the Tarly family home. We know from casting breakdown spoilers that we’ll be meeting Samwell Tarly’s parents and siblings in season 6, so it seems likely he and Gilly will stop by Horn Hill on the way south to Oldtown.

At first read, I thought maybe this was assuming a bit too much on squishy evidence, but I went and looked at Castell de Santa Florentina online, and I agree: that looks like Horn Hill. The landscape looks like southern Westeros, but not so far south as Dorne. Some of the interiors use Islamic designs, which is a more Dornish aesthetic, but the production can pick and choose which interiors it uses for filming. It does not look like Essos. Honestly, I can’t think of a better setting for a vassal family’s castle in the Reach. Horn Hill, it is! A blond-haired baby age 9-12 months could be any one of several characters, but if the baby is needed at Castell de Santa Florentina, then it’s probably Baby Sam with his mother Gilly. Horn Hill + Blond Baby = Sam introduces Gilly to his family. I’m on board with that.

So now I see a lot of people complaining that a) Baby Sam should be much older by now, because 1 season = 1 year, and b) why should Gilly’s baby have blond hair?

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Game of Speculation: Those Who Play Together, Slay Together

I started this post late at night and that rhyme just occurred to me.

Anyway. Over at Winter is Coming, there’s a video clip of an interview with director Jeremy Podeswa, talking about seasons 5 and 6. He’s mostly trying not to give anything away about S6, but there’s a little in there we can chew on:

What will Season 6 entail? According to Podeswa, “the one great thing about Season 6″ is that there’s a sense of the world “collapsing” and characters “converging on each other.” That’s something that started in Season 5, and it seems like Season 6 will keep the momentum going. “It’s very interesting from a narrative point of view,” Podeswa said.

By “collapsing,” he means in the sense of divergent elements coming together, rather than the universe falling apart. Specifically:

“All I can say is that it’s a very exciting season. There are characters coming together again that you haven’t seen before. Everybody has a very interesting journey through the season. There’s a lot of spectacle. There’s a lot of everything that people love about the show, and great moments for actors, and great scenes. It’s another great season of Game of Thrones.”

Characters coming together that we haven’t seen before. By that, I’m fairly sure that we’re looking at extant characters interacting in combinations that haven’t been done already, rather than totally new characters appearing. There are plenty of new characters, and there’s also room for characters to get together in combinations we’ve already seen, but he’s talking about characters we already know, doing stuff together in ways we haven’t seen. We’re into the second half of the series by now, so there’ll be more of storylines winding together, and less of the drifting apart.

So now we can wonder what combinations of characters will be connecting and converging in S6.

There’s at least one shiny thing we can bat around, for now. There are photographs—really good quality photographs, I might add—of Maisie Williams filming a scene that involves swimming, fully clothed, in a harbor/canal-type body of water.

Both Arya’s and Samwell’s storylines on the show are not yet caught up to what they’ve done in the books. There’s a chapter in A Feast for Crows where they meet up in Braavos and Arya rescues him, though they still aren’t properly introduced. Sam has no idea he’s just had an encounter with Jon Snow’s little half-sister, and Arya doesn’t know she just did a good deed for Jon’s best friend. She saves him from a fight with some Braavosi guys out looking for trouble, and later in the chapter, Sam has to be rescued again, by someone else, because he gets chucked into the canal and nearly drowns. (Everything is shitty for Sam. The only bright spot in his life is Gilly, and he can’t keep her with him.)

So: I think a major possibility is that Arya is the one who saves Sam from drowning while he’s in Braavos, and that’s the scene that Maisie just filmed.

I also have this picture in my head of Jaime escorting Littlefinger up north. It’s one way for Uncle Kevan to get his loose-cannon nephew out of the Red Keep and the fuck away from his twin. They’re not real comfortable together. It’s a tense trip.

Season 5 Finale Posting Spree, Part 8: All the Things

I think I’ve already done a pretty thorough treatment of all the Game of Thrones characters (except for Tyrion) who are in a very different place from this stage in the books. And the ones who are also dead in the books. For this post, I’ll do a run-down of the characters whose situation on the show is extremely similar to where they are in the books. And also Tyrion. Consider this a broad, slap-dash book/show comparison post.

SPOILER ALERT applies, as with the rest of my Season 5 Finale-related posts. I’ll also apply a content notice for sexual abuse.

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