Game of Anticipation: the Boltons are still alive.


Roose looks mildly surprised. Ramsay is just there.

They’re indoors, they’re together…I’m not getting anything from Ramsay. This could be the part where someone tells them about Sansa and Theon escaping the castle, or it could be nothing special.


Ramsay passes for a normal person for a few seconds.

Winterfell courtyard, snow’s falling again. I like to think he’s interrogating someone he just tied up to the cross and is about to flay, but there’s no expression there.

Game of Speculation: a Morsel from Daddy Bolton

There are literally not even TWO DAYS left of filming GoT S6. The 17th is the last day for the season. What the fuck am I supposed to do with myself between now and the release of the S5 DVD set? I might have to pay attention to the real world again, and there may even be a bit of novel-writing. For today, however? I see a shiny thing to bat.

Watchers has a piece today that’s mostly Gwendoline Christie not telling us anything useful about Brienne, but there’s also a very generous bit of fodder from Michael McElhatton, aka Roose Bolton!

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Game of Speculation: What Littlefinger Doesn’t Know

Remember my belly-aching months ago about how marrying Sansa to Ramsay fucking Bolton was such a preposterous idea because Littlefinger would never do anything so incredibly dangerous to her?

Yeah, well. I still think my logic was sound, but much of my outrage had to do with having already made predictions that precluded this turn of events. Also, my argument against the marriage plan was based on the assumption that Littlefinger knew perfectly well that Ramsay fucking Bolton was a disgusting sadistic monster. According to writer/producer Bryan Cogman, he didn’t know that:

The writer producer also confirmed that, for those suspecting Littlefinger might have known about Ramsay’s sadism, that Baelish was definitely ignorant of the situation. “The difference between the Ramsay Snow of the books and the show is the Ramsay of the show is not a famous psycho,” he said. “He’s not known everywhere as a psycho. So Littlefinger doesn’t have the intelligence on him. He knows they’re scary and creepy and not to be fully trusted and it’s part of a larger plan.”

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