Yeah, but, we can still do better.

I saw someone on Twitter (I didn’t think to mark the Tweet, but I did see someone on Twitter) remarking that some of the white women who voted for GOP candidates probably did so because the polling places allowed men to stand next to their wives and look at how they were voting.

Yep, I heard about polling places pulling this shit, too, and it is most certainly a form of voter suppression. One of the arguments against women’s suffrage was that the husband would cast the vote for the household, the implication being that a married woman had no right to disagree with her husband on politics.

So, okay, there may be some married white women in these “59% of white women voted for Ted Cruz” numbers we keep hearing about, who vote for Repubs because their husbands intimidate them into doing so. Sure, that may account for part of these percentages.

Even so? I’m still more interested in the numbers of people who didn’t bother to vote at all. We had huge voter turnout this year, compared to previous elections, but that’s damning with faint praise. So many registered voters who still didn’t come to the polls. So many citizens who still haven’t registered to vote. There’s no way we can attribute that many non-voters to spousal abuse. This country still has a huge problem with people who could vote, and don’t. The party of voter suppression benefits from people not even making the attempt.

Rep. Kevin Cramer wants Native women to be as unsafe as possible.


via Rep. Kevin Cramer wants Native women to be as unsafe as possible.

Reblogging my own post from years ago.

THIS is the choad who just got Heidi Heitkamp’s seat in the Senate.

Thousands of Native Americans wanted to vote to re-elect Sen. Heitkamp, and were kept from doing so because of bullshit address requirements that were basically designed specifically to make it impossible for Natives to vote.

The GOP is the party of voter suppression, and they’re still getting rewarded for it.

We need to keep on voting blue until the GOP knows they can’t get away with fucking up our democratic process.

The democratic process, for the foreseeable future, depends on Democratic politicians.

America lives to see another day.

I had to work last night. I had requested the day off so I could vote, and my boss just gave me the morning off. So I voted, but then I had to spend the evening in a restaurant with big TV screens over the bar and lots of customers eagerly following CNN. I did my best to ignore the news and mostly succeeded. Then I turned my phone on Airplane mode, went home, and stayed in bed until I felt prepared for the news.

Okay, so: the GOP still controls the Senate, so we still have Bitch McCandlehead’s fucking face taking up valuable real estate in the news. We lost Heidi Heitkamp, which I attribute entirely to the GOP’s voter suppression fuckery with their bullshit address requirements against Native Americans, and that sucks, so that’s something to remember for the future. We lost Claire McCaskill, and that also sucks. Maryland re-elected Larry Hogan, and that’s annoying. I voted for Ben Jealous! They’re still counting the votes for governor of Georgia, and I expect that fuckhead Kemp to get the seat, and I attribute his victory entirely to his own voter suppression fuckery as sitting Secretary of State, and that’s also something to remember for the future. But I really want Stacey Abrams to win. Ted Cruz is still in the Senate, and that’s obnoxious, but Beto O’Rourke NEARLY got it, and that’s impressive. Basically, there weren’t nearly enough GOP Senators up for re-election this year, and the deck was stacked in their favor, but the Dems did better than expected.

And also! We got a blue House! We got lots of women elected to House seats, including 2 Native American women and 2 Muslim women, and that’s awesome. We got some new Governorships and a bunch of progressive new laws passed.

We can still do better! White women in Texas voted 59% in favor of Ted Cruz, which is shameful but it’s hardly surprising. We are our own worst enemies.

Overall, the situation is better than it was before, and that is better news than I expected, so good job, America! Now let’s work harder and do better.

What makes you think you’re the revolutionaries?

Every time you say “both parties are the same” or merely “both parties are equally bad,” I will answer: Those of you who COULD HAVE voted for Democrats, and failed to do so, are just as bad as those who actively vote for Republicans.

Practical effect on the real world is about the same.

But, Bern-outs and other leftier-than-thou pure-gressives? If you must INSIST that the only solution is to let the party of voter suppression keep on making everything shittier until we have no choice but to rise up and smash the system…

…what makes you think your sorry asses won’t be first against the wall?

You want that revolution? Oh, trust me, cupcakes, you’ll get it.


No, that’s not how this works.

An argument we sometimes hear in favor of the Electoral College is that if we had a popular vote, each election would be decided by a handful of high-population states, and that wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the country.

No. The more-populous states would not decide an election with the popular vote. You’re describing what would happen if we tweaked the Electoral College so that each state’s number of votes reflected its actual percentage of the population.

We’re so used to seeing the Presidential election in terms of states, rather than people, we forget that there’s no state in which 100% of the voting population votes the same way. In each “blue state” there are plenty of folks who vote Republican and in each “red state” there are plenty of folks who vote for Democrats. The Electoral College makes it so those people’s votes don’t count. A popular-vote election would make it so that all of those votes would count.

I think the real complaint is that the more-populated states tend to vote more for Democrats, and that wouldn’t be fair to conservatives.

To which I say: this is my country just as much as yours. You have no moral right to having your vote count for more than mine.

Republicans are the party of voter suppression. Vote for Democrats in November.

Party matters because the system has made it so.


For another reason for why all Americans who don’t want this country to go any further down the tubes* should vote blue this November, please see this Twitter thread from Alexandra Erin:

Short version, in my words not hers: the sooner we get a majority-Democrat Senate, the sooner Mitch McConnell loses his position of Majority Leader, and the sooner we can try him for treason and I can smash his turtle-ass face in with a frozen pineapple…sorry, where was I going with this? Right, getting Bitch McCandlehead off his throne is a good enough reason to vote for Democrats even if they are, at best, spineless.

Similar rules apply to the House, but with literally all of them up for re-election now. The system has political-party relevance built in. All roads to un-fucking the country go through empowering the party that doesn’t capitalize on voter suppression.

*I was about to say “all Americans who don’t want this country to go straight down the tubes” but let’s be real, we’re already going down the tubes. We can still do better.

A few hot takes

Hot Take #1: The Electoral College is still evil even if we buy into the idea that it was designed to give the less-populous states better representation in government. Honestly, IDGAF if the rural folk get outvoted by the metro folk. Lots of populations are vulnerable to the tyranny of the majority. Sexual minorities get outvoted. Religious minorities get outvoted. Scientists are only a tiny percentage of the population, and we’d generally be better off if we got the policies they recommended, but the system isn’t built around multiplying their votes. If the less-populous states don’t get to have presidential candidates prioritize them as much as they would like, that’s not our problem.

Hot Take #2: Families who are adopting migrant children are basically participating in genocide. If you’ve recently adopted or are in the process of adopting a kid who may or may not have been gathered from an immigration detention facility, it’s your responsibility to find out where the kid came from. If it turns out the kid was taken away from their parents at the border, you should make every effort to find the parents and when the parents are found, return the kid to the family. Until the parents are found, love and care for that kid as best you can. That’s a way to do good in the world.

Hot Take #3: Also I honestly DGAF if most of the current crop of Democrats are at the beck and call of Wall Street. I mean, I GAF to the extent that we don’t want our elected officials to be building their policies around enabling money-hoarding, but that’s no reason to give up on voting. (Also, for the purposes of the current situation, voting for third-party candidates is effectively the same thing as not voting.) There’s no route to getting the money-hoarders’ grubby mitts off our elected officials that doesn’t go through voting blue. I’m not saying the Democrats are perfect, I’m saying they’re the ones who actually want to govern and they’re the ones who benefit from ending voter suppression.

Hot Take #4: Bern-outs can take a fucking seat for all eternity. Still bleating “Bernie would’ve won” and acting like the DNC fucked everything up by not handing the nomination to Sanders on a silver platter? What’s more likely: that the DNC actively sold the nomination to the less-effective candidate, or that more primary voters liked Hillary than Bernie? Bern-outs ain’t the political majority they think they deserve, and they can fucking own that, or they can fucking move to Russia. The troll-runners who hacked our election will be so happy to see them.

The Electoral College is worse than useless.

One of the tall tales we were told in Civics class is that the Electoral College was created as a sort of escape switch in case a clearly unfit candidate manages to win the popular vote.

Which is malarkey. The EC was developed for the benefit of slaveowners, by emphasizing the number of residents per state over the number of votes per state. Basically, it allowed slaveowners’ votes to count for themselves and for all the human beings they owned. Post-slavery, it accommodates low voter turnout and thus incentivizes voter suppression.

But anyway, what they told us in school was that we needed the Electoral College to protect us from ourselves in case we voted for a Presidential candidate who had absolutely no business in the Oval Office. The people get hoodwinked by a dumpster fire in a suit, and the Electoral College says nah, we’re going with someone who isn’t terrible. That’s what we’re supposed to believe about the EC.

And what happened to us in 2016?

The popular vote went to the candidate who would have made a totally decent President, and the Electoral College went to the incompetent fascist puppet of a hostile foreign power. There were even some faithless EC voters who added to the incompetent fascist puppet’s electoral count. They were expected to vote for Hillary, and instead they chose Trumpty Numpty.

So…more than half the voters said, “We want the smart lady who knows her way around and knows what she’s talking about.”

And the Electoral College said, “Nah, you’re getting the crooked racist/rapist who talks about his dick on stage, picks schoolyard fights with North Korea on Twitter, and has all his strings attached to the Russian government.”

The EC is anti-democratic AND untrustworthy. Time to let it go.