ASoIaF vs. GoT, Twelfth: In Which Cersei Screws Herself

If you’ve seen S5:E7, you’ve seen how the Queen Mother is trying to destroy the Tyrells and has consequently rained a world of shit upon her own head. She may end up destroying the Tyrells as well as herself! Loras and Margaery are still in the black cells. Their father is abroad, and their grandmother makes a lot of big talk but she doesn’t seem to have any weapons she can wield against the Sparrows. But either way, Cersei got all buddy-buddy with the High Sparrow, thinking that was the way to defeat the prophecy. She underestimated the danger Little Cousin Lancel posed, though, and now she’s in the same sort of trouble as she made for her son’s new queen.

I’m handling this one as a compare/contrast. There’s a similar storyline going in the books, and the show is handling it differently in several big ways. And it’s yet unresolved as of the end of A Dance With Dragons, so I can’t tell you all how it ends! I can just tell you what’s happened so far. See my citations here.

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