Impersonating a celebrity on Twitter is gross.

There’s this account on Twitter, claiming to be Peter Dinklage. When I saw their first Tweet, I said hi, and just as I got the user’s response, it finally occurred to me: wait a minute, is this really PDink? I’m not sure it is.

In fact I am VERY sure this user is not Peter Dinklage. I remember what happened now: I saw this account on Twitter, called GoTSeason6 or something along those lines, but it hadn’t yet Tweeted anything, and I went ahead and followed it, figuring it might be handy when information became available.

Then I got a notification from Twitter that P_Dinklage had just Tweeted for the first time! Holy crap!

Only, when they showed up in my notifications, their profile pic kept switching between “GoTSeason6” with an egg icon, and “Peter Dinklage” with his photo.

So I waited for some corroboration before I interacted with this Twitter user again; some interaction with other GoT cast members would be helpful, for example? I follow lots of cast members, and they generally follow each other. Most of them only interact with maybe 1-3 other cast members, each, and even with them not very often, but they do tend to follow each other.

So far, this p_dinklage user isn’t following anyway. They’ve racked up hundreds of followers so far, and not a single GoT cast member among them.

All that, and whoever is behind this account doesn’t seem to be putting much effort into convincing us that they’re really PDink. They’re getting away with it so far because the real Peter Dinklage isn’t on Twitter.

Look, fans: don’t do this. Pretending to be another, actual live person? Not cool. It is the very opposite of cool.