Never too young for slut-shaming.

Some people will take absolutely any opportunity, no matter how pedophilic, to make girls feel horrible about having been born with female bodies:

The parents of students at Decatur Classical School in Chicago’s West Rogers Park neighborhood voiced their displeasure with principal Susan Josephine Kukielka’s actions Monday at their local school council meeting, according to CBS Chicago.

The parents allege that Kukielka left some of their daughters in tears after they were told they were “not girls of distinction because their shorts are too short” at an assembly on the last day of school.

The girls were given an “award” by Kukielka for their attire and were asked to stand and be recognized for their “achievement” during the assembly, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

This woman brought the girls up on stage, during an assembly, and gave them a snarky “award” for wearing short-shorts.

And, sure enough, some of the commenters on this article are agreeing with the principal. You know, girls with their butts hanging out at school, they need better parenting, how dare those parents allow their daughters to leave the house looking like that, yadda yadda…

Decatur Classical School is K-6. Those girls in short-shorts were just elementary school kids. The mom of one of those girls sent in a picture of her daughter in her too-short shorts. She’s a skinny-legged 10-year-old.

“Oh, but, but, the girls rolled up their shorts to show more skin, and they shouldn’t be at school looking like that!”

No. I don’t give a fuck how far up those girls rolled their shorts. Their bodies aren’t even sufficiently developed for skin-showing to be an issue. I don’t care, either, if “maybe” some of those 7 girls were healthy 12-year-old early bloomers with big hips. That principal showed those girls that if they don’t hit the constantly moving target of “modesty,” they will be humiliated by an authority figure they were supposed to trust. She showed the rest of the kids in that auditorium that it is not only acceptable, but necessary, to march girls out into the town square and put them in the stocks if someone looks too long at their bodies. This, boys and girls, is where rape culture comes from. We must always police women’s appearance, but never challenge the way some men think they can treat women. Girls are never too young to be told their legs are attracting too much attention. No, judge, no I did not rape that 10-year-old girl, she totally wanted it.

Ms. Kukielka should resign, and she should not work in a position of authority over young people again. Those girls are lucky that their parents care enough to stand up for them. Not all kids are so fortunate.