ASoIaF vs. GoT, Fourteenth: Princess Arianne and the Bad Pussy

Wars of ASOIAF reblogged a very helpful post by Poor Quentyn regarding the Dornish subplot in Feast Dance (aka Books 4 and 5 of ASOIAF).  I will confess that the Dorne area is basically my weakest point in understanding the series, though possibly tied with the Greyjoy uncles’ shenanigans. I barely remember Arianne’s chapters, she didn’t make much of an impression on me, but I remember what happened to Myrcella due to her machinations and I remember a bit of Doran dealing with the Snakes later in the book. Poor Quentyn tells us the important parts:

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Game of Cliffhangers: Now We Answer Some Questions

I have a new book! It’s so shiny and pretty, and it’s a genuine, official, HBO-sanctioned product!

“Game of Thrones: The Noble Houses of Westeros, Seasons 1-5” by Running Press


In which I peer disapprovingly at my ridiculous Cousin Cersei’s latest antics. 

We’re the Riverlands Lannisters, the ones that packed up and intermarried with the Tullys, hence the auburn hair and blue eyes. We still rock the red and gold, though.

I read basically all of this book on the way home from work this evening, and while it could use a bit more proofreading, the photos are gorgeous and some of the information is super helpful.

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Game of Speculation: Rumors, actors, Instagram, and what-not.

*looks at country list in WordPress stats* Oh, hi, France! *waves to French readers*

It’s a good thing I don’t live in Northern Ireland, because if I did, I probably would’ve quit my job by now to spend all my time skulking around Game of Thrones filming sites, and I might have a hard time paying for food and transportation after a while.

But really, the only drawback would be that I wouldn’t be making money. Everything else would be fabulous.

New stuff from Watchers today!

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“You’re a man of action, aren’t you?”

Remember how I wrote that ridiculously long and detailed piece to make a fairly basic prediction for Team Sansa?

Now I’ve done something similar with Jaime, and it’s not so simple. Working just with material from S5, it feels like wrestling an octopus.

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Season 5 Finale: How Many People Died?

No, seriously: how many people died in the finale? How many people are staying dead?

I made a list of possible deaths before the season began, when I heard GRRMartin talking about how Benioff and Weiss are even bloodier than he is. The list included some deaths that I’ve already seen in the books, but of those characters who are still alive in the text, I correctly predicted the on-screen deaths of…

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