Game of Cliffhangers: Now We Answer Some Questions

I have a new book! It’s so shiny and pretty, and it’s a genuine, official, HBO-sanctioned product!

“Game of Thrones: The Noble Houses of Westeros, Seasons 1-5” by Running Press


In which I peer disapprovingly at my ridiculous Cousin Cersei’s latest antics. 

We’re the Riverlands Lannisters, the ones that packed up and intermarried with the Tullys, hence the auburn hair and blue eyes. We still rock the red and gold, though.

I read basically all of this book on the way home from work this evening, and while it could use a bit more proofreading, the photos are gorgeous and some of the information is super helpful.

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Season 5 Finale Posting Spree, Part 6: Game of Cliffhangers

You thought my last post was the end of the spree? It ain’t over until I go home and drink myself into a stupor in the middle of screencapping Jaime. I keep lots of red wine at home and Cersei doesn’t get to have ANY of it.

But seriously. There were a lot of cliffhangers in Mother’s Mercy, yes? What questions did the episode deliberately leave unanswered?

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Season 5 Finale: How Many People Died?

No, seriously: how many people died in the finale? How many people are staying dead?

I made a list of possible deaths before the season began, when I heard GRRMartin talking about how Benioff and Weiss are even bloodier than he is. The list included some deaths that I’ve already seen in the books, but of those characters who are still alive in the text, I correctly predicted the on-screen deaths of…

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Love is the Death of Duty, and Duty is the Death of Love

We saw a couple of deaths last night on Game of Thrones. Both characters are still perfectly healthy as of the end of A Dance With Dragons. One of the deaths we saw last night was no one’s fault, except of course for the guy who threw the spear. (Or was it a dagger? I intend to watch the episode again.)

The other death was deliberate, planned and organized, and possibly pointless.
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