I would like to thank my dad for not being Scott Brown.

Scott Brown wants you to know that his daughters are available.

What kind of freak show advertises the fact that his pretty college-age daughters are “available” when his job means his family is already subjected to pathological scrutiny?

Oh, that’s right: a politician.

I understand that we basically get the politicians we deserve. I get that we treat our elected officials so inappropriately that it takes, shall we say, a certain type to run for office. I certainly wouldn’t want the news media sniffing up my butt every time I yawn, so I can’t really pretend to be surprised when our politicians are freak shows.

And yet, most of them manage to deliver a decent acceptance speech without pimping out their daughters. Bill Clinton was a compulsive lecherous perv but he and Hillary managed to not to subject Chelsea to any more fishbowl treatment than they could help.

Something tells me those girls are going to write memoirs a few years from now.