Let’s just assume I’m wrong about everything.

Back to my Game of Thrones posting.

I’m somewhat less fuzzy-headed today, and now that I’ve had some time, and read an interview with Clive Russell (dude who plays Blackfish), I realize I have no idea what I’m talking about regarding the Blackfish or the Brotherhood Without Banners. We have three episodes left in the season to show us what explains the BWB’s turn to terrorism and what goals the Blackfish has in mind.

More discombobulated thoughts below the jump.

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If, if, if, then…

News going around Twitter is that Finn Jones (aka Ser Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones) has been cast as Iron Fist in the new Marvel series for Netflix. The filming schedule will heavily overlap with filming Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

First things out of the way: I am not here to talk about whether it was acceptable to cast Jones as Iron Fist. Nope. Not signing up for that discussion. I do not condone whitewashing, but that’s not the topic of this post.

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I seem to be the only one who thinks this.

Regarding the valonqar prophecy, perhaps I need to explore some alternatives. I seem to be the only one who thinks Jaime will be the valonqar, but then get on with his life. My fellow Jaime/Brienne enthusiasts sneer up an unholy storm at the idea of Jaime being the one to kill Cersei, possibly because they’ve spent a bit too much time “debating” with Twincest advocates who insist on a murder/suicide. (“Because, sure, that’d be so very romantic,” said the Monster with a strenuous eye-roll.) Meanwhile, people outside of the shipping divide seem to think Jaime will be the valonqar, and his killing Cersei will lead straight to his own death. Probably not by suicide, but by his presence in King’s Landing when the wildfire all explodes (and I’m not convinced there is even any wildfire still there following the Blackwater battle), or by some other apocalyptic event befalling the city, or some shit happening to Jaime that he would’ve avoided if he’d been somewhere else.

For example, Queen Regent NFriel of Wars and Politics of ASOIAF handles the question thus, today:

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It’s still a slow news week, so: look! Actor with haircut!

The flood of filming leaks for GoT S6 seems to have slowed to a trickle, so I will get all excited over what is probably nothing.

We have photos from Watchers of a conference in which several actors made an appearance. There are a couple of mini-pigs involved. The pigs are cute, but I am more interested in a certain actor having suddenly cut his hair.

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