Miss me?

O HAI, everyone!

In case you’re wondering, I am following the leaks for Game of Thrones Season 7, but I’m not hanging on every word like I did for Season 6. I definitely see some interesting things happening, though.

For a brief digression, I had a birthday a couple weeks ago, and as a present to myself, I decided to get a new friend. I spent the midday of our holiday Monday at PetSmart, and this one came home with me:

This is Ser Purrion Lannister of Catterly Rock, but mostly I just call him Kitty, Baby, Honey, or Furry Little Weirdo. He is completely indifferent to treats and catnip, and he’s not interested in sitting on my lap, but he loves belly rubs, being held and hugged like a baby, getting all over my feet, and sleeping next to me. I watched Gods of Egypt on HBO Now yesterday because I had to see its awfulness first-hand, and I found the movie wasn’t nearly as compelling as watching Purrion go ballistic on his new tassel toy.

(They were all out of tan-colored long-haired kitties who like to get drunk and antagonize the neighbors’ Husky pups, so I got the little tuxedo guy who enjoyed cuddling and shoving his face into my elbow.)

I’ve only had him for a couple of weeks, and I’m already finding that having a pet is like having a tattoo: once I have one established, I’m already thinking about getting another.

In other news, I have another big writing project for ASOIAF fandom! It’s not quite finished, but I’m posting it as I go. Let me present…

The Cloak Soiled Him: the Life and Times of Jaime Lannister.


It’s finally happened.

I have reached the stage of ASOIAF/GOT fandom at which I feel viscerally, personally offended when people vilify my favorite characters. Like, it’s become a question of whom I can trust, if they have choosing-to-be-wrong ideas about certain characters. It’s not just reading comprehension anymore, it’s wondering how this reflects on your treatment of people in real life.

Also, I’m just as vicious a curmudgeon as ever.

Not that I was paying attention…


I wasn’t following the Golden Globes red carpet on Twitter on Sunday evening, no of course I wasn’t, but if I had done so, I would have been rather disappointed at the piddling Game of Thrones contingent in attendance. I was so spoiled by the showing they made at the Emmys. Man, they were out in force at the Emmys, and I enjoyed their presence so much. For the GGs it was like D&D knew they weren’t winning anything, so they basically asked themselves, “Okay, can we scare up a handful of people who didn’t come with us to the Emmys?” And they scared up a handful of people. Including someone whose character died in S4.

Okay, so I was following the GGs on Twitter.

What happened?


Everyone likes to do these “year in review” posts around now. I’m afraid that if I do that, it’ll end up turning into a therapy session, and you all wouldn’t like that. How’s this for an achievement? I went a full calendar year without suffering any major self-inflicted embarrassment. I think I’ll maintain my haven’t-embarrassed-myself streak, and not subject you lot to my long-winded navel-gazing.


Got as far the dark lipstick before I realized the old black t-shirt was not my best look.

While I’m perhaps a wee bit annoyed at myself for what I didn’t do in 2015, I’m satisfied with what I did do.

For 2016, my attitude is basically: cross my fingers and hope for the best.


Small Things


I’m working on a new header image for this blog. The current one is getting stale.

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I’m Also a Novelist: Interview at Secular Woman

Based on the way I’ve been blogging lately, I understand if some of you think of me as “that weird Game of Thrones fan” rather than “one of those weird indie novelists.” I do write my own fiction, though! Original fiction. Totally unrelated to any other author’s work.

Marina Martinez at Secular Woman interviewed me about Suicide is for Mortals. Go take a look! And while you’re here clicking around my Game of Thrones posts, why not check out my novels?

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