Kingslayer parallel, Cersei as Aerys


Most of this information can be found in an older post, Book/Show Comparison 13, but I think it’s still relevant. Now that we’re far enough into Season 6 to see Lady Stoneheart is a non-presence in the show version, I think it’s worth taking a second look at the Kingslayer Parallel and what it suggests for the books.

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In which a new cast member is in over his head.

Remember how I posted about Johannes Haukur aka Lemoncloak in GoT Season 6, the other day?

Well…based on his Tweets today, I may have been a bit hard on the guy. Seems less like he was “trolling” the fandom and more like he actually did not know what he was getting into when he engaged with the Stonehards.

For example:

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Is this enough of an answer? How about this?

We’ve got four weeks left in this season of GoT, and the Riverlands Reunion has finally gotten started, so if Lady Stoneheart is making an appearance on the show, she’s got a month left to do it.

Today at Winter, Razor Harris, a long-time Stoneheart advocate, posted a video by Preston Jacobs, in which he describes his experience in meeting George RR Martin at Balticon. And what did he learn from this event?

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ASoIaF vs. GoT, Thirteenth: Lady Stoneheart and the Kingslayer Parallel

Let’s just assume this one will be my last book/show comparison post at least until Season 6. I’m also hoping for this one to be my last substantial Game of Thrones-related post until either Season 6 or The Winds of Winter, whichever arrives first.* This won’t really be a compare & contrast so much as a big contrast. If you’re a TV-only fan and you want to know who exactly this Lady Stoneheart character is and what she does, you may appreciate this. If you’re a Jaime/Brienne enthusiast who hasn’t read the books, there’s something in here I think you will enjoy.

(And if you’re currently at work, you might want to bookmark this for later reading. This post is long, even for me.)

I made a little sheet of citations!

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