Dumpster of Dragonfire: Dany should not like Gendry Baratheon

Might as well do this in little chunks if that’s what it takes to get it done at all.

First complaint about Episode 4, “The Last of the Starks”: Dany legitimizing Gendry. Really, Dany, why would you do a thing like that?

No actually the first question is HOW she thinks she can do a thing like that. It’s one thing for her to say Gendry is the legitimate son of Robert Baratheon and all those gathered at Winterfell should treat him as such. That, she can do. It’s quite another for her to designate him Lord of Storm’s End.

Unless/until Dany actually wins the war over Cersei, Storm’s End isn’t hers to give to anyone.

At this stage, Dany isn’t recognized as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. She may be recognized by the North, the Iron Islands, and Dorne, but not by the Stormlands. They still recognize Cersei as their ruler. Grudgingly so? Perhaps. But they haven’t been sitting around waiting for some upstart girl from Essos to tell them who gets Storm’s End since House Baratheon died with Stannis. The Stormlander nobility may not like Cersei, but they’re not under Dany’s authority, and as such, they’re not about to honor Dany’s decree of Gendry being Lord of Storm’s End. It would be more realistic to say they’ve been fighting over Storm’s End since Stannis died and if some other lord hasn’t already taken the castle, it’s still in dispute. Either way, if some kid from Flea Bottom rolls up to the castle and says Queen Daenerys says he’s lord, it’ll be about three minutes before someone murders him.

Then there’s the question of why Dany would even want to legitimize Gendry. Does it make him grateful to her? In the short term, sure. Is it in her interest in the long-term?

If the ensuing drama with Jon is any indication, Dany should definitely not want to designate anyone as the only living legitimate son of Robert Baratheon. It would be better for her if the Baratheon name dies out entirely.

No matter how much good she does as queen, there will always be some people in Westeros who don’t want Dany as their ruler. Those people will always want to grab onto any perceived alternative. If there’s a nice kid named Baratheon getting comfy at Storm’s End, they’ll see him as their alternative. If he’s not only a Baratheon but in fact Robert Baratheon’s son, they will rally behind him. Doesn’t matter if Gendry doesn’t want to be king. Jon doesn’t want to be king, either, but Dany recognizes that Jon will be seen as competition regardless of his interest in ruling. She should recognize the same thing about Gendry. It is not in her interest for him to be a Baratheon.

Her legitimizing Gendry in the same episode as begging Jon not to tell anyone about his true parentage is just one of the many glaring absurdities of the season.

Dumpster of Dragonfire: Death is the enemy.

I’m linking a few posts I wrote on Tumblr right after the later episodes in GOTS7:

Seems WordPress just embeds the whole-ass Tumblr post now. Works for me! But I’ll cut this for length.

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The Pack Survives: Starks, Lannisters, connections

Ever since the first season of Game of Thrones, the Starks and Lannisters have been enemies. With the new Queen Cersei preoccupied with enemies in all directions, the situation is not expected to improve any time soon.

As if the great Houses’ mutual antagonism weren’t a serious enough problem, the surviving members of each family are turning on each other.

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In which I may be a tiny bit surprised.

Now THAT was quite an episode of Game of Thrones. I’m putting all the stuff under the cut for the benefit of my UK peeps who haven’t had a chance to watch.

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I think it’s unfair that I don’t get to see this.

Over at SXSW, at the Game of Thrones exhibit known as SXSWesteros, there’s a bit of Season 6 footage available that isn’t being shown anywhere else. I think this is unfair, but according to this one guy on Twitter, the footage they showed today includes this:

Well, yes, I had assumed as much. (A later Tweet by the same user says she’s talking to Davos, which is not a surprise.)

This provides context for Melisandre’s confessing to Davos of the victories she’d seen in the flames all being a lie. She’s not confessing her error regarding Stannis, or at least she’s not just talking about Stannis. I think Melisandre was upset when most of his army deserted him, and she had been expecting him to take Winterfell long enough to give Jon a chance to show up and take over, but she hadn’t really been expecting Stannis to become Lord of the Seven Kingdoms since the end of Season 3.

Now she’s probably thinking, she led Stannis into a war he couldn’t win, she burned Shireen alive and triggered Selyse’s suicide and let Stannis march a piddling army of foot soldiers into a battle with a much bigger, mounted army, because she’d been banking on Jon to be her Azor Ahai, and then Jon died. She must be feeling shitty about that. She may be feeling a bit guilty about tying Shireen up to that pyre, and she may be blaming herself just a bit for Selyse hanging herself from that tree, and she may be feeling like an asshole for all that time she spent stringing Stannis along with a promise of sitting the Iron Throne, but mostly, what’s really destroying her is Jon’s death.




We’re all pretty sure we know, but we keep asking for answers.

I will be so incredibly relieved when we finally see the part in Season 6 when Jon Snow comes back. Not because I’ll be so happy to see him (although I do expect to join my fellow Throners in a GIF Party on Twitter), but because that’s when we can finally stop talking about “whether” Jon is coming back, as if we haven’t already figured it out.

Oh, and while we’re at it, I’ll also be extremely relieved if they show Stannis’s headless body in the first episode, because maaaaaaaaybe then, the Stannis stans will finally grieve for their fallen king and stop insisting he’s not dead.

I’m sure there’ll be some other absurd idea for everyone to bat around by that point. If nothing else, there’s still Cleganebowl and Lady Stoneheart hype. But it’ll be such a weight off my GoT-nerd shoulders when we can stop pretending Jon’s resurrection is anything but inevitable.


Game of Anticipation: Sensationalism is noted.

Tonight is Season 6 Teaser Night for Game of Thrones fans! The teaser was leaked earlier today because of course it was, so a lot of us got a chance to watch it well ahead of its proper release time of 8:59 PM. From most of us, the reaction was basically: meh. And I see where that’s coming from. There’s no new footage.


There’s still something to work with, and I wrote up an analysis of the teaser content for FanSided, which you can find here and includes the following:

Of the first four faces, there is a certain relationship between the lines we hear and the circumstances of the character’s death. Ned Stark abided by an honor-based system of law enforcement in which lords were expected to do the physical labor of death sentences. He was sentenced to death by Joffrey, but he was beheaded by a servant, Ser Ilyn Payne.

Of course I didn’t say anything about what this means for anyone’s chances of resurrection. Jon Snow is included in the trailer, and I didn’t say anything about what that says about whether he stays dead, and the reason I didn’t say anything is that I think it’s entirely obvious that he’s not staying dead, and everyone else is already on the topic of Jon’s status so I’m free to ask other questions.

Truly, though, I think Jon’s role in the teaser is qualitatively different from the other characters (go follow the link to my FanSided article to see what I mean) and the reason why he’s set apart from the others is that he’s the one who’s coming back. The other four characters are treated the way they are because…they’re dead and they’re staying that way.

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The squishy stage of the series where there are no winners.

My latest piece for FanSided: How Episode 9 Drives the Game of Thrones. It’s weird how little my dear Brienne’s name appears in this, but it’s all about shifts in power throughout the series. She’s not really a player. I go through each season and tell you what happened in terms of various Houses getting more powerful or more defeated, using the 9th episode as the focal point.

You might see a little prediction near the end, mixed up with the filming leaks. Mostly, what I want to talk about is that in writing this piece, I noticed something about the fifth season.

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In which they tell us a little bit.

The SAG Awards happened on Saturday, I may have sat up with Twitter on my iPad to save our GoT peeps’ red carpet photos (yeah, I did), and there were some interviews that happened at the event and at some earlier, related events. Such as!

Sophie Turner said a few words to someone at Entertainment Weekly. No link provided, but Winter quotes her as telling us:

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