I will find you, and I will cut you off.

My email account got hijacked last night. Again. This makes 4 times in just over 5 weeks. It didn’t create a post here, as I disabled email posting after the second incident.

I was sick for much of last week, so I didn’t get much accomplished. I was hoping to resume exercise last night, but that went out the window when I found out about the latest email hijacking. Instead, I spent all evening and stayed up well past my bedtime in getting all my online memberships transferred over to different email accounts. It seems that basically NOTHING I do can keep the hackers out. Trust me, I’ve done plenty already. They’re still coming back, and they’re still sending garbage to long lists of people with messages in my inbox, many of which messages are several years old. It’s rather embarrassing to log into Yahoo and find Out of Office replies from literary agents you queried back in 2009 and haven’t contacted since. The only thing that appears to be changing is the group of people who get the spam. They all have in common that they’ve had some email communication with me at some point.

So, unless someone can give me some better advice, and so far no suggestion I’ve heard has been useful at all, my email account is getting shut down as soon as I can get everything transferred elsewhere. This is not entirely straightforward, as there are some memberships that cannot be assigned a new email address without help from their end. I don’t really care to make my Smashwords account inaccessible, for example.

Until I cut off these parasites’ blood supply, my first priority will be devoted to closing my email account to further business. I expect to be crankier than usual even after this shit is over and done with.