Since Liz Warren suspended her campaign for President, some of us may seem a little bereaved. We may be sort of coming across like our best friend just died.

In truth, it’s more like a betrayal than a loss. I can’t seem to unclench my jaw for any sustained period of time. The more I learn about this election cycle, the more people I can’t trust. Dirtbags to the left of me, fascists to the right, and no safety in the middle.

Now that she’s out of the race, I see a lot of people calling on her to endorse Bernie Sanders. Not because she owes HIM anything, of course, they plead, but for the good of the “progressive movement,” they want her support for him.

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You can’t spoil something that’s already spoiled itself.

To my readers who noped out of Game of Thrones back in Season 3, or, any time, really, shy of this year: you did the right thing. Remember Ramsay torturing Theon and giving us this line: “But you forgot the most important question. You forgot to ask if I’m a LIAR! Everything I’ve just told you is a lie!”

Benioff & Weiss are the real-life version of Ramsay Bolton. Everything they told us for the past 7 seasons is a lie!

And the shit show that happened last night wasn’t even the finale! We’ve still got one episode left, and I tell you there is nothing that last episode could do to explain the non-sequitur that was Episode 5. I’m not even thinking about justification. Just explanation. There is no explaining what they’ve done. Of course I’m going to watch the finale. Not that I expect anything to make sense or anything good to happen. Just that there were a bunch of characters who weren’t in Episode 5 and who presumably will be in the finale, and I want to see how many other fans’ faves get completely screwed over by the showrunners’ nihilistic power trip. I’m spiteful like that.

Good thing I have other hobbies.

Of course I can’t trust anyone, round 8424931

I just heard Morgan Freeman’s been accused of grossness by multiple women, and at this point I’m all like: yeah, THAT happened.

The more I learn about men, the more I like my cats.

Seriously, men of the free world: is this how you want women to see you? Another one turns out to be a creep and we’re simply numb?


Can’t Trust Anyone: Aziz Ansari Edition

I read the account of “Grace’s” bad date with Aziz Ansari in Babe. I read the entire thing in all its disgusting detail. I read it more than once. Having read the story, there are some things I won’t do.

I won’t call Aziz Ansari a rapist.

I won’t say what he did to Grace was “assault.”

I won’t call for him to lose his job or face any legal repercussions.

I also will not swallow his narrative of having “misunderstood” Grace’s discomfort or “misread” her behavior while ignoring his actual pattern of behavior in the story. I will not settle for this image of some poor clueless cad who just didn’t know any better. I will not write an alternate-universe story of All the Ways Grace Should’ve Fought Back Harder while ignoring all the ways Aziz made it inordinately difficult for her to withdraw.

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What about all the women we never heard of?

For all the dudes who are concerned about the backlash against sexual harassment, I have some questions I’d like you to ask yourselves:

If a man getting fired is comparable to murder, what about when someone is so miserable at work, they resign without another offer lined up? Is that suicide?

If a woman ends up leaving a job and ultimately gives up her career because the never-ending parade of abuse is fucking up her mental health, would you say she’s been driven to suicide?

Would you be interested in at least a partial accounting (a full accounting may be impossible) of all the people in the entertainment industry whose stories you never heard because they were still obscure and powerless when they were driven to career suicide? If the termination of someone like Harvey Weinstein or Louis CK is a tragedy of lost productivity, then are you willing to estimate the lost productivity of all the people who never got a chance to build the career they wanted because they couldn’t make it past the hurdle of sexual abuse?

For every Ashley Judd or Mira Sorvino, who knows how many promising talents never made it that far before some powerful predator killed their careers? Does their wasted potential count for anything in this discussion of the “brain drain” following sexual harassment accusations?

Or does the equation of job loss with death only count for powerful men?