Game of Spoilers: “…with a trebuchet.”

There are some important differences between the Riverrun sub-plot in A Feast for Crows, and what they appear to be filming at Riverrun in S6. The most obvious difference is context: the Riverlands events taking place on the show are happening after certain events in King’s Landing, not before. Ergo, some characters will have different preoccupations than they had in the books. The real departure we’re seeing so far, however…

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Game of Speculation: Have I embarrassed myself yet? How about now?

Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck.

Watchers brings us a fresh round of SPOILERS, or at least some VERY heavy speculation fodder, from Los Siete Reinos. My day = MADE.

Are you muthafuckas ready for this?

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Early Winter in the Riverlands, Part 4: the Warrior Maid

Continuing the theme of obsessing over the Riverlands in S6, I had to get to Brienne eventually. We don’t really know what she’s doing next year, but she’s as good a candidate as any for the Riverlands, so why not?

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Early Winter in the Riverlands, Part 3: the Gruff Priest and Others

Continuing from my ideas about certain major characters coming to the Riverlands in S6, now I’ll move on to characters we haven’t yet seen on the show.

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Early Winter in the Riverlands, Part 2: the Little Assassin

I’m experimenting with this idea of breaking my big predictions out into several smaller posts, rather than puke several thousand words into one post and expect you all to read it.

Last night, I wrote about the possibilities of Jaime in the Riverlands in S6. Now, I want to talk a bit about Arya.

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