Just in case anyone’s wondering…

Since we got the news from GRRM that we can just forget about seeing The Winds of Winter before GoT S6, there’s been a bit of discussion about who will avoid watching S6 until after the book comes out, so the show won’t spoil the book.

There are some book readers who haven’t watched the show at all, but the idea of avoiding just the new season, for purposes of seeing events first in the book, never occurred to me.

So, okay, some people are doing that, and I guess I can see where they’re coming from, but that said? This blog is the very opposite of a safe space for ASOIAF fans who don’t want to be spoiled by the TV show. First of all, don’t pretend you’re new here: I’ve been sharing every shiny thing Watchers on the Wall, Winter is Coming, and my special Twitter list have held up in my face since last June. You may have also noticed, in my analyses and predictions, that I am not too proud to share whatever thoughts come into my head about what has happened and what may happen later on the show? I’m not finished, either. As I’ve been saying on Twitter, I will watch the S5 DVDs with audio commentaries, and I will blog in detail on whatever insight I can gain from those commentaries. Unless the cast, crew and showrunners are completely bland, irrelevant and borderline off-topic in what they have to say about the episodes, I expect to gather some prediction fodder from the DVDs, and I will share my predictions. And when S6 comes on, I will have things to say.

It’ll be even worse on Twitter, where I can’t put spoilers behind a cut. On Twitter, all the info just hangs out for everyone to see.

If you’re an ASOIAF fan who’s decided to avoid S6 in favor of seeing events in the book before the show, then I am the opposite of a good person to be around.


Game of Cliffhangers: Addendum to List


I was doing a little thinking out loud on another site, regarding S6:E1, and I realized that I forgot something from my earlier list.

We’re going to see Tyrion in Ep1. OF COURSE we’ll see Tyrion in Ep1. We can’t have a first episode without Tyrion. We have to see him making eunuch jokes at Varys and Grey Worm. I just didn’t think about Tyrion & Co. being in Ep1 because I can’t be bothered to make predictions about Meereen. It’ll be a shit show, I think that much is a safe assumption. I’m adding P-Dink, Conleth Hill and Nathalie Emmanuel to the cast names I expect to see in opening credits for Ep1.


Game of Speculation: Passing the Bechdel Test

A thought just occurred to me, regarding Margaery Tyrell’s new scene partner in S6. (Really, I was just upstairs, getting ready for bed, and this thought came up.)

Basically everyone’s assuming a male character to interact with Margaery. Why are we assuming that? Natalie Dormer didn’t make any reference to gender. It could just as easily be a woman.

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Game of Speculation: How have I embarrassed myself?

Okay, so, I’m happy that we’re still getting speculation fodder for GoT S6, but I’m not amused when someone dangles a shiny thing in front of my face and then pulls it away when I come closer. To wit: this piece at Winter starts with a headline of “Last Season’s Rape Scene Will Have Repercussions.” I want to know more about that! Ani Bundel covers a talk by director Jeremy Podeswa which includes some info on filming Game of Thrones.

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Game of Hype: Is that a challenge?

Both Winter and Watchers share with us the first HBO-made teaser for Game of Thrones S6! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

So, basically: no new information. This is not surprising, given that they’re still filming. I expect they’ll also need some time for post-production before they have sufficiently polished footage for a real hype-generating trailer. Still, this one does not let me know whether I’ve embarrassed myself on anything big.

The last line, though: “They have no idea what’s going to happen.”

In context, this is Bran talking about the situation in Westeros, and how the realm is so thoroughly unprepared for the White Walkers and the onset of winter.

In the trailer, I see everyone basically in agreement that this is D&D’s way of fucking with us: We, the fans, have no idea what’ll happen!

You know…*sips wine*, there are still some areas where I’m frustrated with the lack of filming info, but overall, if you look through a lot of what I’ve written in the “game of thrones” tag over the last several months, you might notice, *sips wine*, I have some ideas. Like, I’m sure I’ll be shocked at some things that happen in S6, but I think I’ll be shocked a lot less often than most of the audience.

Wine is good.


In which we have a slow news week.

Apparently this year’s Game of Thrones off-season is really unusual. We’re not supposed to get as much information leaked as we’ve had thus far. The last several days are more typical: not really any substantive material coming from the sets.

So, I’m really low on speculation fodder right now.

There’s still a big, heavy question mark hanging over certain things going on in the Riverlands.

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Game of Cliffhangers: I’m making a list for Ep1.

There’s a bunch of interesting filming news at both Watchers and Winter today. We have lots of actors showing up in Belfast, we have Lady Olenna preparing to get her thorns out, and we have lots of dead horses and corpses with certain House sigils. Yet somehow I’m just not feeling it today? I feel like we’re getting lots of information, yet not really any good speculation fodder. Everything is either stuff we already know, or so vague it’s not telling us anything.

For instance: I assume everyone will be filming something in Northern Ireland unless/until I hear otherwise. Actors showing up in Belfast is nowhere near as interesting as actors showing up in Girona. The House sigils on the dead horse dummies are nothing beyond what we already knew. Diana Rigg’s interview is entertaining, but, relative to what we’ve already seen from Lady Olenna, hardly a revelation.

There is something at the Watchers link about certain wild-type animals having been seen at a certain location, but even that much is highly suspicious. I await further specifics, especially with photographic evidence, before I try to extrapolate anything from that.

ETA just now: See this Tweet from Nikolaj!

I will assume for now that he just snapped that pic on his phone earlier today. Which means he’s not filming at Corbet-Banbridge; he’s at home in Denmark. Which means that if we’re still getting reports of filming at the Riverrun set, I can say they’re not filming anything that includes Jaime. Or maybe, even, filming at Riverrun is finished or paused for the moment.

Instead, I’m trying to collect my thoughts about what we should expect for the S6 premier.

There were a LOT of cliffhangers in late S5, yes? So now I’m trying to sort out which of those questions should have Ep1-worthy answers. Tons of spoilers and industrial-grade speculation fodder below the jump!

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Working on my Death List

I won’t show you the Death List I’ve made so far for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, because you’ll think my methodology is basically, “throw shit at the wall and trust that D&D will get some of them,” because it kind of is.

That said, my Death List covered nearly all the deaths of named characters in S5. There was just one that came as a surprise.

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