This is not encouraging.

As I’ve mentioned, my mental health has been trending downward in recent months, and I’m trying to get help. My old family doc has retired since I last saw him, so I paid a visit to his successor, who gave me a referral to a psychiatrist. But he didn’t tell me what I’d have to do to sign on as a new patient with this psychiatrist’s practice.

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I may also die on this hill, too.

I recently submitted another big ambitious article to FanSided (which just went live a little while ago!), and I want to go into more detail on something that came up in that piece. It’s something I’ve mentioned a few times over here before.

The piece I wrote is all about the motivations behind loyalty and betrayal on Game of Thrones, and the place where I want to go into a bit more detail is…oh, Seven Hells…Brienne going after Stannis.

(I understand if you’re now running away in terror, but, for those of you who aren’t tired of me hitting myself in the face, read on. I think this explains a lot.)

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I will die on this hill: Intertwined storylines!

We have some hype from Sophie Turner about Season 6! Please, my dearest surviving Stark, tell me more:

Every scene I shot I couldn’t believe that I was shooting this scene with these amazing people, and I couldn’t believe that the storylines had intertwined so much that this is how it ends up. So many characters’ paths intertwine this season…You really get a sense that the story is coming together and rounding up this time.


I am so willing to die on this hill.

This morning on the Metro, I was running some further analysis on Brienne & Podrick, as I am given to do, and this time the question was: plot significance. What were all the things they’ve done since saying goodbye to King’s Landing, and how did those events contribute to the plot? It’s not like I haven’t already obsessed multiple thousands of words of speculation on our big swordswench and her loyal squire, but this particular exercise was actually enlightening.

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Game of Obsession: Little She-Wolf


Yeah, I’ll just go ahead and call this biz “Game of Obsession” from now on, because that’s what I’ve done to myself.

In a rare fit of having spare time yesterday, I started puttering around in Google Drive and gathering the puzzle pieces for Arya. I’ve never been all that into Arya, but right now I feel like I should have a grip on what she’s up to.

ETA: Try this one here. Yeah, I’ve got some ideas.

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“You’re a man of action, aren’t you?”

Remember how I wrote that ridiculously long and detailed piece to make a fairly basic prediction for Team Sansa?

Now I’ve done something similar with Jaime, and it’s not so simple. Working just with material from S5, it feels like wrestling an octopus.

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