It’s finally happened.

I have reached the stage of ASOIAF/GOT fandom at which I feel viscerally, personally offended when people vilify my favorite characters. Like, it’s become a question of whom I can trust, if they have choosing-to-be-wrong ideas about certain characters. It’s not just reading comprehension anymore, it’s wondering how this reflects on your treatment of people in real life.

Also, I’m just as vicious a curmudgeon as ever.

In which I engage in Vague-booking on Wordpress

Fuck me with a chainsaw and bugger me with a spear.

I see yet another upheaval happening in my circle of progressive queer/friendly atheists on Facebook. 

I’m not going into details, and I’m not getting involved. I’ve been trying to fight off a fresh bout of depression for the past couple of weeks, and I can’t afford any further strain on my emotional workload. 

You’re either capable of taking responsibility for your actions, or you’re not. After all the explanations, and all the mitigating factors, and all the who-did-what-to-whom and what kind of care people need in certain situations, after all those nuances are properly accounted for, that’s what it ultimately comes down to: you either are able and willing to take responsibility for your actions, or you’re not.

For the benefit of those who know of the situation I’m Vague-pressing tonight: I will stipulate that “taking responsibility” includes a position something like, “Even though I was literally incapable of behaving otherwise at the time because of (XYZ situation), I understand if (Person Being Harmed) doesn’t want me in their life anymore after the destruction I caused.” I’ll make room for us to acknowledge when destructive behavior is a symptom rather than a moral failure.

And with that allowance made: You’re either capable of taking responsibility for your actions, or you’re not. 

If you exhibit a pattern of behavior that demonstrates inability to take responsibility for your actions, then ultimately, people won’t trust you.

Is this enough of an answer? How about this?

We’ve got four weeks left in this season of GoT, and the Riverlands Reunion has finally gotten started, so if Lady Stoneheart is making an appearance on the show, she’s got a month left to do it.

Today at Winter, Razor Harris, a long-time Stoneheart advocate, posted a video by Preston Jacobs, in which he describes his experience in meeting George RR Martin at Balticon. And what did he learn from this event?

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This timing is just barely acceptable.

My latest at FanSided: 30 Shockers and Predictions for Season 6!

Throners, I stayed up late to get this slideshow ready for FanSided ahead of my deadline of Tuesday at noon. Yes, that’s last Tuesday, May 17th, at midday. I stayed up late on Monday night to have it ready on time, in case I didn’t have a chance to work on formatting on Tuesday morning. I have to work as an accountant during regular business hours, and I don’t always get a chance to submit blog posts at a particular time in the workday.

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Chronic lateness vs. occasional lateness

Friend on Facebook posted a link to this article, in which we are all done with humoring people who cannot be bothered to show up on time:

Why do people, invited for a dinner party at 7.30, think its cool to arrive at 8.30? It’s rude. It’s inconsiderate. And it’s selfish, as I witnessed in a coffee shop near my home one weekend. Three “ladies who lunch” (a species not confined to, but heavily represented on, the lower North Shore of Sydney) were chatting loudly at the table next to me. One inquired what time the ‘drinks do’ was that night. The reply for all the world to hear was ‘Oh 7.30, but we won’t get there till 9 because by then it will have warmed up and all the interesting people will have arrived’. Nice. Imagine if everyone took that view. Cocktail parties would start at 3 am eventually.

Or a dinner at a restaurant where I was meeting two other couples. My wife was away, so I was flying solo. I arrived at two minutes to eight for an eight o’clock booking. At 8.20, I was into my second glass of Pinot and at half-past I got a text saying ‘on the way’. We finally were all seated at 8.45. There were not even attempted excuses from either of the two couples, who seemed oblivious to the fact I might actually have got there at the agreed time. Meanwhile I had put a huge dent in the bottle of Pinot, and was ready to go home.

I’m one of those people who are compulsively punctual, often erring on the side of early, and I try to plan around other people’s lateness, but it would be better if more people simply gave a shit about showing up on time.

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Not gonna lie: this is annoying.

When you see an article with my name on it go up at FanSided, I may have finished writing/formatting it a few minutes ago or a few DAYS ago. The record so far is when I wrote the piece about Ian McShane’s role on GoT Season 6 and it was FOUR DAYS before the editor finally hit Publish on it. By that point it was like, literally, no one cares anymore.

This time, it’s simply been waiting since last night, and counting. I was told the article needed to be available by today, and…it’s still pending. It was on “editing” status for, not even exaggerating, HOURS, earlier today, and again this evening, and it’s still not even scheduled. I’m pretty sure it’s not THAT bad. I saw less-proofread content published on the site today. I don’t actually think the editor was spending that much time editing my piece; more likely he accessed it in editing mode and just left it there for hours while he did other things. BUT STILL. It’s not like no one’s even gotten a chance to look at it yet!

To be clear, I don’t think they’re deliberately ignoring or de-prioritizing my writing. I think this is simply a matter of the editors being over-extended and not having their shit together. And I guess that can’t be helped, so the practical question for me is: why the fuck did I stay up on Sunday night to write a piece for a website that could not expect to get it published for a day afterwards? I could’ve spent that time sleeping. I need to get up early and go to work on Monday morning, and by “work,” I mean that place I go and do the thing that gets me paid enough money to exist as an adult independent human. I’d like to think of writing as my work, but it’s the Accountant job that keeps a roof over my head. So why did I sacrifice sleep to bang out an article that nobody is in any rush to approve? I could have waited longer, put more thought into the matter, written a better article, and slept a longer night before showing up to my money-making job where people appreciate it if I’m not a cranky bitch.

So that’s what I’ll do next week: I expect to have the article that’s due ASAP after the episode, and that’s the one that actually gets published ASAP, and if I volunteer for another, more individual assignment in response to the episode, I’ll take my freaking time at it. The more time I have to think about something, the better a job I do of writing it, whereas when I finish something clearly bears only the most tangential relationship to when you guys see it.

Ah, right, I just now checked the FanSided app on my phone, and now my new article is available. Go read it: Rickon Stark returns…to Ramsay Bolton. I now wish to add: the presence of Osha as part of the “gift” with Rickon makes that gift especially suspect. Ramsay doesn’t need Osha. Nobody needs Osha except for Rickon. Her inclusion makes the difference between a fresh hostage and a Trojan horse. Oh, and that wolf head looks awfully small for a grown direwolf.

Start thinking of humiliating Twitter names…NOW.

All my Throner peeps: I have entered into a friendly Twitter bet with a certain Brynden BFish of Wars and Politics of ASOIAF fame, concerning the likelihood of Lady Stoneheart making an appearance in Season 6. If she does show up, he gets to choose my Twitter name for a week. If she doesn’t, I choose a Twitter name for him.

So, everyone who’s been reading my anti-LSH snark and rubbing your hands together in glee at the prospect of my humiliation: start thinking of ridiculous Twitter names for me, and go consult with BFish when the time comes. I’m depending on y’all to ring that SHAME bell on me.

Now, at the same time, BFish is also involved in a similar bet with Manu concerning Cleganebowl, so I wonder what happens if I’m right about LSH and Manu is right about Cleganebowl. Of course, I’m in agreement with BFish about Cleganebowl, so if he loses that bet, then I’m also wrong, so I guess Manu chooses his Twitter name before I do.

If we get LSH and also Cleganebowl, I think I should shave my head and post a video on YouTube. That level of wrongness calls for hardcore humiliation.

And if I’m wrong about Brienne becoming Sansa’s protector (I still maintain a tiny margin of possibility that they get super close to each other for a scene at the beginning and it still doesn’t happen), then I think the pain of being wrong about that is consequence enough.

Either way, y’all should be hoping I end up being totally wrong about something big in Season 6, because if we get through an entire season of me being correct in essentials…I’m gonna be such an asshole. Nobody will enjoy being around me, and I won’t even care.


This should be the default experience.

There are times when you’re a customer, and you need to have something done that you can’t do yourself, so you call up the service and ask them to send someone to do the thing, and they tell you: okay, we’ll send someone to do the thing. Here’s a window of time in which you need to be at home to let them in to do the thing. It’ll be X:00-Y:00. Be there or you suck.

So, the first time I was given a window of time for service to take place, it was getting Comcast Internet installed at my apartment in…2008? Yes, I think it was Autumn of 2008. And what happened was that Comcast folks told me the technician would come to do the installation between 11 Am and 2 PM. This was on a weekday, when I was working a temp job, so I took a day off, and thus lost a day’s wages to wait for the tech to show up and install my Internet.

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