Scapegoating by anecdote

For every one Mollie Tibbetts who’s murdered by an immigrant (whether documented or otherwise), there are…A LOT MORE nice young women murdered by American-born men.

If the goal is to minimize violent crime, sorry but targeting immigrants is focusing energy in the wrong direction. The lion’s share of criminals are here by birth.

But of course the use of Mollie Tibbetts as a poster child for border-walling isn’t about protecting women like Mollie. It’s about demonizing brown people coming from poor countries. Mollie’s family is having none of your bullshit.

“You should be killed for providing the service I have come to receive!”

Dolores P. shares her experiences on The Hairpin as an abortion provider, and she dishes the dirt. Oh yes. Oh fucking yes.

I was with the doctor I train with doing the initial steps of an intake — an ultrasound to date the pregnancy and a full history.The patient says to the doctor, “I should not be here today. I agree with the people out there.” Gestures out window to street. The people at the bus stop???? “The people who are protesting. I think what you are doing is wrong. I think you should be killed.” Oh. Whoaaaa!

Here we have a woman who has taken a positive pregnancy test, made an appointment at the clinic, reported to the facility, along with her boyfriend, and sat down in the exam room with the clinician—all while thinking that abortion is immoral and that the provider is a criminal who should be punished with death. If that provider were killed, then what would that woman do about her unwanted pregnancy? If she thinks legal abortion is a service that shouldn’t be provided, then why is she at the clinic? If she would tell us she doesn’t have a choice in the matter, then how can she say the protesters outside are right and that the physician taking her history should be killed? I mean, seriously?

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