Unintended Consequences, Part 6: Harrenhal Revisited

You thought shit got real already? No. This pairing has only begun to get serious. This is the part where I start getting all pleased with myself. There are no nerds like me, fellow Throners!

The staircase is totally relevant, I assure you.

If you haven’t read them already, see the Intro, Stage 1 (Escape from Riverrun), Stage 2 (Bloody Mummers), Stage 3 (House Lannister Falls Apart), Stage 4 (Oathkeeper), and Stage 5 (“I love you too, sweet sister”). If you would like to read this essay offline, get the iBooks or PDF version and you’ll never have to worry about me shutting down this blog.

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Unintended Consequences, Stage 5: “I love you too, sweet sister.”

The last essay chapter I posted was all from Brienne’s POV. The first section of that stage (the one I called “Brienne’s Other Options”) was about context, rather than directly about the relationship itself. Jaime’s rescue of Tyrion, and many parts of his return to King’s Landing, were also about the context in which Jaime and Brienne are involved in a romantic storyline. This stage here, and it is not short, will be entirely about context.

In short: this is the part where the twincest relationship goes kablooey.

It’s as good a time as any to reuse this silly graphic I made in Retype:


“I am not Cersei. I have a beard, and she has breasts. If you are still confused, Nuncle, count our hands. Cersei has two.”

If you haven’t read them already, see the Intro, Stage 1 (Escape from Riverrun), Stage 2 (Bloody Mummers), Stage 3 (House Lannister Falls Apart), and Stage 4 (Oathkeeper). If you would like to read this essay offline, get the iBooks or PDF version, and you won’t even need to wait a couple more days for me to post the remaining chapters.

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Unintended Consequences, Stage 3: House Lannister Falls Apart

Oh my stars and garters, WordPress went and fucked with the Create Post interface again.

But that won’t stop me from sharing more of the Unintended Consequences fun. How do you feel about a title like “House Lannister Falls Apart”?


“You want her? Go get her.” So he did.


If you’re coming to this essay for the first time, I’ve also posted the Introduction, Stage 1 and Stage 2.

If you don’t already have a copy to read offline, it’s never too late to download the iBooks or PDF version.
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The Joy of Unintended Consequences: It’s Happening.

Hi there, fellow Game of Thrones-loving nerds.

I may have mentioned a few times on this blog, working on an essay? And when that essay was finished, certain things would become clearer?

I’ve finished the essay.

I also mentioned, once, that I don’t really “ship” Jaime/Brienne, so much as look forward to the relationship happening? GRRMartin ships Jaime/Brienne. I simply enjoy the way he ships them.

Of course it might be a bit difficult to argue that I “don’t really ‘ship’ Jaime/Brienne” now that I’ve written this essay.

Click on image to download PDF essay.

Click on image to download PDF essay.

I’ve also made an iBooks copy, so those who have Apple devices can enjoy it in iBooks. It’ll look basically the same as the PDF version, except the internal links will actually work as links. Click here to download the iBooks version of the essay.

I will also post it here on this blog, one section at a time. I won’t post the entire essay in one entry because I’m not a complete sociopath and WordPress might have a meltdown if I tried.

Now some of you may be wondering: okay, what is the point of this essay, and why should I take the time to read it?

Well. If you like the idea of Jaime and Brienne being romantically involved, but you’re not quite sure it’ll happen, this essay is for you.

If you keep hearing from all us weirdos who seem to think these two will get together, and you don’t understand why we think so, you may find this essay helpful.

If you want them to be together, but you’re afraid they won’t live long enough to make it happen, you may appreciate this essay.

If you’ve enjoyed my “I Enjoy This Too Much” entries, you may appreciate this essay.

If you’re convinced that Jaime/Cersei is the True Love for the Ages, and that Jaime/Brienne could never possibly go beyond friendship, then this essay will probably not convince you, but if that’s how you feel, I assume you’re not reading my blog.

Time to let my Ego Flag fly: this is the Master Case for Jaime and Brienne getting together. I’m sure some other fans have written essays on a similar theme, but they are not this one. This is the only shipping essay for Jaime/Brienne that you will ever need to read. This is, put crudely, an analysis of how GRRMartin ships Jaime/Brienne. And I also put the relationship in context. Oh, yes, I do love context. Pull up a chair and I will answer all your questions.

To paraphrase a certain Lannister: There are no nerds like me. There’s only me.

With all that posturing out of the way, here is the introduction to the Master Case (there may be some weird punctuation in here, resulting from having pasted the text in from the PDF file):

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