Shall we give this one 4-to-1 odds?

Had this interaction on Twitter today:

Nah, I disagree. I think they’ll both be fine, and I can support that position, though not in a few words.

Seriously, though, I don’t buy this assumption that GRRM is determined to make sure everyone is either dead or lonely at the end. Insisting Jaime and/or Brienne MUST die is assuming facts not in evidence.

I could absolutely bet on them both surviving the series, but for the sake of argument I’m content to bet on just the events of TWoW. I’m not sure I can trust anyone to keep in touch with me from now to the publication of ADoS, much less to remember our bet and keep to its terms for that long. Just waiting for TWoW is risky enough.

Of course we could also just bet on the events of Game of Thrones. No matter what happens with GRRM’s writing, the show will give us a new season this year and next. Would anyone care to run a bet with me until the finale of Season 8?

In terms of numbers, I’m at a disadvantage. This is not just a 1-on-1 bet, this is 3-to-1. If Brienne dies, you win. If Jaime dies, you win. If they both die, you win. If they both live, I win. Most of the fandom seems pretty well convinced one or both MUST die before the end. Surely I should have some takers? The default betting terms are mainly just bragging rights and digital shit like Twitter handles and profile pics, but would anyone be more open to this bet if we put actual real-space assets on the line? How about a framed print from my Society 6 store? I expect to upload a lot more images between now and the Season 8 finale, so you’ll have plenty of prizes to choose from.


No longer a debate: Jaime and Brienne are a love story.

Somewhere between the fourth and fifth interviews I’ve seen Nikolaj give since Monday morning, a thought occurred to me today: this week is the time when the Jaime/Brienne relationship is a Confirmed Canon Romance. They’re no longer interested in being subtle, and they’re now talking to us clearly enough that we no longer have to argue over whether this is a romantic subplot or “just” a friendship between two knights.

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Sort of wondering to what extent the rumors are true.

Yeah, I’m still talking GoT. It happens. I should be working on my novel at the moment, but no, I’ve been reading interviews and articles about my favorite show all day and I want to talk about something.

There’s a new slideshow at FanSided today, in which Corey Smith gives us 30 biggest Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers, and of course part of that is speculation. Which is fine. Talking about filming leaks without padding them out with a bit of conjecture makes for very tedious reading.

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In which I am up past my bedtime for no good reason.

The more I think about it, the more I love that HBO put Nik and Gwen together on a commentary track for Season 5 (Episode 2). Seeing how Jaime and Brienne don’t get anywhere near each other all season, and all, we do sort of get them back together in a sense. I don’t think that association was a coincidence. I think HBO put them on the same commentary track for exactly that reason.

At the same time, though, it’s also a missed opportunity that Nik isn’t doing commentary for Episode 4. I would so love to hear his thoughts on that bit where he gets all goo-goo-eyed at sailing past the Sapphire Isle.


More J/B-related speculation below the jump. I’m working with filming leaks, so if you don’t want mild-to-moderate spoilers, go somewhere else.

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There must be a cute literary nickname for this.

The Wars and Politics of ASOIAF peeps are doing the Seven’s work, and if you don’t already follow their WP/Tumblr/Twitter, I suggest you start, but I don’t ever seem to respond to them when I agree. Mostly because when I think they’re right, I have nothing to add. But when I think they’re wrong…well, that’s the sort of occasion where I think a little disagreement can be productive.

Today there was an ask from someone asking about where Jaime’s headed in the last two books, and Queen Regent’s answer was basically, “Of course I could be wrong about this, but what I’m picturing is…”

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Not making predictions, just observations.

In another case of “Monster is having a slow day at work,” I will show you some cuteness that happened in my Game of Thrones list on Twitter.

Nik posted this silly thing last night:

And Gwen responded this morning:

Not that I’d ever stoop to arguing for a fictional relationship based on the actors’ preferences (I’ve already made the argument based on the books), but in this case they clearly ship J/B, they’re not even trying to hide it, and that is adorable.

Unintended Consequences, Part 7: Cersei’s On Her Own

This is it, everyone. This is the final chapter of the essay. This part is mostly context, but I’m also including the conclusion here. Cersei thought she could ask Jaime to die for her rather than outlive her, and how did that work out?


There is a wall, bifurcated vertically between light and dark. There is a jagged crack running horizontally across the photo. I have added text to the lower left quadrant: “Jaime would never abandon me for such a creature.”

If you haven’t read them already, see the Intro, Stage 1 (Escape from Riverrun), Stage 2 (Bloody Mummers), Stage 3 (House Lannister Falls Apart), Stage 4 (Oathkeeper), Stage 5 (“I love you too, sweet sister”) and Stage 6 (Harrenhal Revisited). If you would like to read this essay offline, get the iBooks or PDF version and you’ll never have to worry about me shutting down this blog.

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