No longer a debate: Jaime and Brienne are a love story.

Somewhere between the fourth and fifth interviews I’ve seen Nikolaj give since Monday morning, a thought occurred to me today: this week is the time when the Jaime/Brienne relationship is a Confirmed Canon Romance. They’re no longer interested in being subtle, and they’re now talking to us clearly enough that we no longer have to argue over whether this is a romantic subplot or “just” a friendship between two knights.

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We all love the Riverlands Reunion

If you are not a Game of Thrones viewer, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

If you are a Game of Thrones viewer, you may understand why I’m still awake at this hour. I am still awake, I am drunk, I am exhausted, and I just uploaded ~200 screenshots (not even exaggerating) to Google Drive.

If you’re a Jaime/Brienne enthusiast, and you haven’t already seen the episode: get ready, because it is fucking LIT.

Was that a spoiler? Not really, I don’t think. Just take my word for it: this episode is fabulous and amazing for those of us who appreciate the magical perfection that is J/B.

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Let’s just assume I’m wrong about everything.

Back to my Game of Thrones posting.

I’m somewhat less fuzzy-headed today, and now that I’ve had some time, and read an interview with Clive Russell (dude who plays Blackfish), I realize I have no idea what I’m talking about regarding the Blackfish or the Brotherhood Without Banners. We have three episodes left in the season to show us what explains the BWB’s turn to terrorism and what goals the Blackfish has in mind.

More discombobulated thoughts below the jump.

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In which I hardly even notice who isn’t there.

As a good Game of Thrones fan, I had to stay up well past my bedtime last night. I took an assignment for FanSided with a morning deadline, which was okay this week because I don’t have work today. The practical upshot was that I basically watched the episode twice in a row; first time without interruptions so I could live-Tweet at the same time as all the other Stateside nerds, and second time so I could take screencaps for my Monday morning article.

I also drank a lot of wine last night. Like, a really ridiculous amount of wine, so I was nice and buzzed when I wrote my new slide show. In retrospect, I’m surprised at how coherent it is. 5 Questions Answered in Episode 6. (SPOILER warning for my peeps who haven’t had a chance to watch the episode yet.)

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Y’all are making me resent Tarthbane.

Last Sunday, we watched Game of Thrones and we saw Tormund Giantsbane making serious sexy-eyes at Brienne, who basically glared back at him all like, “I WILL cut you, bear-fucker.” We thought it was hilarious, and earlier this week, director Daniel Sackheim shared his thoughts on the matter:

“Honestly, I’m surprised anyone even noticed,” he told Tech Insider. “I mean it was meant to be a little grace note, and the fact that it’s blown up with the buzz it has on the internet and on the blogosphere is kind of shocking to me.”

“A little grace note.” In musical terms, grace notes are these quick, whimsical little sounds that no one will miss if you skip over them. Not a big romantic storyline, in other words.

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In which I may be a tiny bit surprised.

Now THAT was quite an episode of Game of Thrones. I’m putting all the stuff under the cut for the benefit of my UK peeps who haven’t had a chance to watch.

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House Tarth words

Nina Friel aka Good Queen Aly of the Wars and Politics of ASOIAF bunch, has a feature at her Tumblr in which she speculates on the mottos of Westerosi families. I missed this one a few weeks ago, but found it today: her idea for the Tarth motto! I’m really hoping GRRM gives us the Tarth motto in TWoW (yes, I saw the sample chapter he released today), but for now, Good Queen Aly’s idea for House Tarth is In Darkness We Rise.

The more I think about it, the more I love it. In isolation, it sounds rather ominous, but in context, in which we see the situation in Westeros and we’ve seen enough of Brienne to see she’s a good person and her father is known as a decent guy, it sounds really optimistic.

Yes. In darkness, they rise. I like the sound of that.