Bad Guy with Gun Stopped by Woman with Kind Words

Sometimes, good news happens. There was almost a mass shooting at an elementary school in Decatur, GA yesterday. However, it was resolved with no casualties because school clerk Antoinette Tuff talked the gunman away from the ledge. It could have been another Sandy Hook, but Ms. Tuff reached out to the 20-year-old carrying the AK-47 and engaged him in compassionate, patient conversation until he surrendered.

Give yourself some credit, Ms. Tuff; you ARE a hero. That you were terrified is only proof that you appreciated the seriousness of the situation. 870 kids are at home with their families tonight, alive and unhurt because of your kindness. We need more people like you, especially around our kids.

No, Bobby Franklin, you do not get to rename your state “Gilead”!

Your blogger just devoted precious neurons to reading the text of Georgia HB1, which legislates against “prenatal murder.” The arrogance at work is really quite astounding. Do all state-level bills involve this much posturing?

The essence of Rep. Bobby Franklin’s (R-eprehensible) big-talk is basically summed up thus:

(12) The United States Supreme Court had no jurisdiction to hear or decide the case of
64 Roe v. Wade or any other case pertaining to a state’s punishment of the crime of prenatal
65 murder;
66 (13) As it had no jurisdiction to hear the case, certainly the United States Supreme Court
67 lacked the authority to pass, or order all states to strike or refuse to enforce, a law that is
68 outside of its subject matter or federal jurisdiction;
69 (14) Even if the United States Supreme Court had jurisdiction, its authority is limited to
70 the case or controversy before it, and its opinion extends no further than between the
71 parties to the case or controversy;


(24) As the United States Constitution confers to no federal branch either the authority
99 over the definition or prosecution of murder, or the power to nullify the laws of a state
100 that do the same, Roe v. Wade is ‘no law,’ is a nullity, and carries no legal effect in
101 Georgia;

Shorter version: “The state of Georgia is going to disregard Roe v. Wade because the SCOTUS doesn’t get to tell us what to do! You’re not my mother! You can’t send me to my room!”

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