I would like to see more conservatives supporting the rule of law.

One of the Lost Administration’s little jokes these days is acting like it would be totally fine for Trûmp to refuse to leave the White House if he loses re-election in 2020. I see Bitch McCandlehead suggesting they could get the Dampnut a third term of squatting in the White House? Nice try, asshole, the GOP in the late 40s got a Constitutional amendment passed precisely because FDR won four elections in a row and they didn’t want that to happen again. Either way, the basic idea is those Kremlin Klan choads acting like they’re gonna keep the Dampnut where he is regardless of election results. (Note: canceling the election altogether is the same thing as disregarding election results.)

I would like to see more American conservatives vocally opposing their attempt to do this. Folks who generally vote for Republicans. Folks who voted for Trûmp in 2016. Folks who generally prefer Republican policies. These are the people I’m asking. If you’re STILL planning to vote for Trûmp in 2020, then I assume you are opposed to the rule of law and I won’t trust you to act in defense of American democracy. Those of you who support the rule of law, I would like you all to start saying you will oppose any attempt by the Trûmp administration to take another term by force.

Especially the gun-lovers. If your argument is that private ownership of firearms is necessary to protect the people from government tyranny, then…for Heaven’s sake, use your gun ownership to oppose government tyranny.

Telling me, “Well he’s not REALLY going to do that,” is an unhelpful answer. I am unsure of how successful the Lost Administration’s attempt would be to disregard the election, but if they even make the attempt, that’s a problem. I would like to see conservatives stating their opposition to the attempt. Less of “he won’t really do that” and more of “I’ll fucking kick your ass if you try it, Mr. Trûmp!”

Telling me there’s no chance Trûmp won’t win re-election is even more unhelpful. If he’s even suggesting that his supporters could demand he take another term regardless of election results, then clearly he thinks there’s a good chance the election won’t be in his favor. Less of “the Dems don’t have anyone who can beat him” and more of “we can do this the easy way or the hard way, Mr. Trûmp!”

And finally, telling me no one’s actually threatening to disregard the 2020 election is unhelpful. If you personally haven’t seen any such news, okay, and? I need to know that you’ll be opposed if they try it. Less of “no one’s actually saying that” and more of “the law is the law, so don’t fucking try it, Mr. Trûmp!”

Some of progressives are kind of getting the impression that conservatives do not care about American democracy or the rule of law. This is a way to show us that isn’t true.

Moscow Mitch and…Moscow Mike?

Theory which will probably never be conclusively proven or disproven: the reason why nearly all the GOP Senators voted to block witnesses at the impeachment trial is they expect witnesses to provide incriminating information about Bitch McCandlehead and Mike Pence.

I’m just like, if they’re determined to acquit Lord Dampnut regardless of witness testimony, why not allow the witnesses to testify, and then vote to acquit?

A few of them are up for re-election in 2020, and if the rest of them don’t want to risk losing their Senate majority, then they could…vote to remove Lord Dampnut from office, perhaps? Do all those Senators really care about Cheeto Hitler that much? Nah, I don’t think they do. They want a Repub in the White House, sure, but what’s wrong with having President Mike Pence instead?

I mean, Bitch McCandlehead’s been acting like he couldn’t possibly lose re-election no matter what. And he may think so, but his openly announcing on network TV that he’ll totes give the defense everything they want…that kinda makes me wonder whom he’s trying to impress? If he only needed to impress Lord Dampnut, he could’ve said that shit behind closed doors. I suspect he said that shit out loud to prove his loyalty to the Kremlin. And if any witnesses at the impeachment trial spill hot tea about him, his Moscow overlords won’t be happy.

Right, okay, so then why are all the other Senators giving that turtle-face muthafucka what he wants? Do they really care about him so much? Seriously, I don’t think they do. He may be able to blackmail some of them, but that many? Nah, I think they’re afraid of something else. If they can’t allow witnesses because then the voters will demand they vote to remove the Dampnut, then why not remove Dampnut and let Mike Pence step up?

Do they think the Dampnut can win re-election but Pence can’t? I don’t think that’s it, either.

Are they afraid witnesses will get the turtle-face in trouble? Let’s be real, there are plenty more GOP Senators who’d be happy for a chance at Senate Majority Leader.

But here’s something that would really scare the shit out of the Senate GOP: Witnesses not only spill all the tea about Cheeto Hitler, and about the turtle-face muthafucka, BUT ALSO they know enough to know allowing witnesses would get Mike Pence in trouble. And they don’t want Pence in trouble because then they’d get Acting President Pelosi. Which is something that REALLY keeps those chucklefucks up at night.

That, or they seem to think a Pence presidency would be worse than the current situation with Cheeto Hitler. I don’t think it’s his domestic policy that would bother them. Either way, it suggests Pence has been involved in shit we don’t know about.

Don’t give Moscow Mitch what he wants.

A few days ago, WaPo ran an op-ed by Prof. Lawrence H. Tribe, in which he advises the Dem reps to do pretty much exactly what Pelosi is doing now:

Consider the case of a prosecutor armed with a grand jury indictment who learns that the fix is in and that the jury poised to consider the case is about to violate its oath to do impartial justice. In that situation, the prosecutor is under no affirmative legal obligation to go forward until the problem is cured and a fair trial possible. So, too, the House, whose historical role is to prosecute articles of impeachment in the Senate after exercising its “sole” power to impeach, is under no affirmative constitutional obligation to do so instantly. That is especially true when the majority leader has made clear that he is, for all practical purposes, a member of the defense team.

I think the Dems should drag this out for as long as possible. It is vanishingly unlikely that the Senate will vote to evict Cheeto Hitler from his squat in the White House, but if the House prosecutors can keep the impeachment trial going for most of the next year, that’s the next best thing.

Whereas, Moscow Mitch aka Bitch McCandlehead clearly wants to keep this as quick and quiet as possible because he has completely abandoned the pretense of being an ethical lawmaker who doesn’t wipe his ass with the Constitution. Moscow Mitch should not get what he wants.


Some more quick thoughts on the Blue Wave

  1. It surprises no one that the Dem freshman class in the House is way, way more diverse than the GOP freshman class. Of course it is. But I also notice that the Dem freshman class is overall much, much better-looking than the new GOP reps, and I don’t feel bad about saying so.
  2. We were told that new Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was “protesting” against Nancy Pelosi. What actually happened was that AOC was speaking with activists in support of Ms. Pelosi, and the upcoming Speaker praised AOC and the activists for their engagement.
  3. I, for one, welcome the mentorship of Terrifying Badass Grandma with Fierce Young Upstart in Congress.
  4. Now that the Dems have gathered up a heaping helping of House seats and may yet snag a couple more Senate seats, Bitch McCandlehead is making noises about the importance of bipartisanship. Aaaaaa-hahahahaha, no, asshole. I hope Ms. Pelosi bites your spine in half. Shouldn’t take too much effort.