Comparing apples to cotton candy

At the Daily Dish, Chris Bodenner asks this about Ladies’ Nights at bars:

I’m not especially animated by this double standard, but on the face of it, the disparate cost of drinks based on gender seems pretty damn discriminatory. What if a club owner wanted to attract more white patrons by offering them a special discount?

I would like to point out to Mr. Bodenner that Amanda Marcotte has already answered his question:

It’s not like feminists are for ladies night.  Most feminists I’ve seen who’ve bothered to register an opinion on this point out truthfully that ladies night is about getting more women to the bar in order to get more men to the bar, and is just generally insulting to everyone.

There we have it. Bodenner assumes that Ladies’ Night pricing is about creating a privilege for women, that simply getting more women into the bar is supposed to be an end unto itself. It’s not really about women, though. It’s not about saying women deserve to get drunk for a lower price than men. Women are simply the mid-point. It is about bringing more women into the bar, so that more men will come in to buy them drinks and hit on them. So it’s really not comparable to a club owner who decides he wants more white customers. I suppose there might be a scenario in which a club owner would try to get more white patrons in as a mid-point in bringing in even more customers of other demographics, but whatever it is, it doesn’t happen frequently enough to be a recognized marketing tactic.