ASoIaF vs. GoT, Fourteenth: Princess Arianne and the Bad Pussy

Wars of ASOIAF reblogged a very helpful post by Poor Quentyn regarding the Dornish subplot in Feast Dance (aka Books 4 and 5 of ASOIAF).  I will confess that the Dorne area is basically my weakest point in understanding the series, though possibly tied with the Greyjoy uncles’ shenanigans. I barely remember Arianne’s chapters, she didn’t make much of an impression on me, but I remember what happened to Myrcella due to her machinations and I remember a bit of Doran dealing with the Snakes later in the book. Poor Quentyn tells us the important parts:

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Fun With Verb Tenses and Breaking Bread With the Lannisters

I might be a lot more annoyed over the Dorne subplot if I didn’t have Jaime and Doran to make me feel like my time wasn’t being wasted.

This is the part where I talk about what’s going on with Jaime. He has a good handle on the situation with Myrcella, but no idea of what’s happened in King’s Landing since he left.

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