Theft de Minimis

I think the law around property rights should include provisions for “de minimis” theft. Which is what you call it when what you steal is such a tiny little bit it’s not worth prosecuting as a crime. And when I say “tiny little bit,” I mean as a percentage of what someone has.

What I’m trying to say is that it should be legal for common folk to steal from billionaires aka money-hoarders.

The fact that my legal name is attached to this blog should tell you I have no foreseeable plans to dip into any money-hoarders’ liquid assets. I just think that if the amount you steal from someone is such a small portion of what they have that they don’t even notice it’s gone, that shouldn’t be a crime.

Now, if you hold someone up at gunpoint and steal a hundred dollars, you should be prosecuted from the holding-up-at-gunpoint part. But if you take a hundred dollars from someone who has hundreds of millions, the money part shouldn’t be part of the prosecution.

At that scale, it shouldn’t even be called stealing. We should have a different word for it, like “dusting.” Someone fed their family for a month with the money they dusted from some oil magnate, good for them.