Yes, I would LOVE another 2 minutes of new GOT images!

Well, everyone, in case you haven’t been on Twitter in the last couple of hours: we’ve got a new Game of Thrones trailer!

I was sort of hoping to work on other stuff today, but here we are!


Do I see a Stark banner behind Davos? Indeed I do!


Well, if it isn’t Walder Frey, alive and pleased with himself!

Game of Speculation: Have I embarrassed myself yet? How about now?

Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck.

Watchers brings us a fresh round of SPOILERS, or at least some VERY heavy speculation fodder, from Los Siete Reinos. My day = MADE.

Are you muthafuckas ready for this?

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Season 5 Finale Posting Spree, Part 6: Game of Cliffhangers

You thought my last post was the end of the spree? It ain’t over until I go home and drink myself into a stupor in the middle of screencapping Jaime. I keep lots of red wine at home and Cersei doesn’t get to have ANY of it.

But seriously. There were a lot of cliffhangers in Mother’s Mercy, yes? What questions did the episode deliberately leave unanswered?

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