We are not alone…

Via RD.net, Irene Klotz at Discovery News offers evidence that there is more out there than our universe.

Kashlinsky and colleagues have spent years building up evidence for what they call “the dark flow.” They look at how the relic radiation from the Big Bang explosion scatters as it passes through gases in galaxy clusters, a process that is something akin to looking at stars through the bubble of Earth’s atmosphere.

The dark flow suggests that our universe is moving at a steady clip relative to something larger than itself.

It’s like our universe is a box and everything that it contains is inside it like milk in a carton, physicist Laura Mersini-Houghton with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, told Discovery News.

“If our universe is all that’s there, then the liquid in the box shouldn’t be sliding. Whatever is pulling it has to be bigger than the size of the box,” she said. “There is a structure beyond the horizon of our universe and that structure is exerting a force on our universe and creating this flow.”

So…what could it be that’s pulling our universe along?

“At this point we don’t have enough information to see what it is, or to constrain it. We can only say with certainty that somewhere very far away the world is very different than what we see locally. Whether it’s ‘another universe’ or a different fabric of space-time we don’t know,” Alexander Kashlinsky at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., told Discovery News.

I really enjoy the idea of there being a different fabric of space-time, personally, but either way, this information could yield some extremely viable, testable theories on the origin of the universe that we call home. And in the meantime, I expect that it’ll also spawn a lot of science fiction stories. Win-win!