Let’s have some clarification on Jaime & Cersei

I may be a teensy bit embarrassed that I’m still up and working on this, but, as long as we’re up, I think I’ll put some of the Twincest hype into context.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau answered some questions for a reporter from Access Hollywood last night at the premiere, in a video which is linked here but which I don’t think they’ll let us embed:

I’ll focus on the part about Jaime telling Cersei they’ll take back everything that’s been taken from them. Transcript:

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Now let’s talk about the Dames of Thrones

I put this off because I focused on writing a quick mash-up of recent S6 promo material for my FanSided presence, and the latest Entertainment Weekly spread was part of that mash-up, but I’d like to focus on the spread itself.


The angle for EW’s coverage was to focus on six ladies to watch out for in Season 6. One could surmise that HBO encouraged EW to focus on female characters as a sneaky way to avoid talking about Jon Snow, but the issue DOES include a sidebar about Jon Snow’s living status. But, you know…maybe they tossed us that little bit of meat to distract us from looking too hard at Jon’s chances of return. There’s merit to the idea that HBO wanted to get the show some nice hefty coverage in EW while aiming the camera mostly away from Jon. Fine.

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If, if, if, then…

News going around Twitter is that Finn Jones (aka Ser Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones) has been cast as Iron Fist in the new Marvel series for Netflix. The filming schedule will heavily overlap with filming Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

First things out of the way: I am not here to talk about whether it was acceptable to cast Jones as Iron Fist. Nope. Not signing up for that discussion. I do not condone whitewashing, but that’s not the topic of this post.

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Game of Anticipation: Lannisters at King’s Landing

I tend to think these new photos are what we’re getting in lieu of a trailer, so with that in mind, I will enjoy the fuck out of them.


There’s a golden shroud over the body behind him.

This should answer anyone who was thinking maybe Myrcella wasn’t really dead. At this point Jaime’s thinking about what it’ll be like to present their daughter’s dead body to his sister. Only he doesn’t know just how complicated it’ll be.

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I seem to be the only one who thinks this.

Regarding the valonqar prophecy, perhaps I need to explore some alternatives. I seem to be the only one who thinks Jaime will be the valonqar, but then get on with his life. My fellow Jaime/Brienne enthusiasts sneer up an unholy storm at the idea of Jaime being the one to kill Cersei, possibly because they’ve spent a bit too much time “debating” with Twincest advocates who insist on a murder/suicide. (“Because, sure, that’d be so very romantic,” said the Monster with a strenuous eye-roll.) Meanwhile, people outside of the shipping divide seem to think Jaime will be the valonqar, and his killing Cersei will lead straight to his own death. Probably not by suicide, but by his presence in King’s Landing when the wildfire all explodes (and I’m not convinced there is even any wildfire still there following the Blackwater battle), or by some other apocalyptic event befalling the city, or some shit happening to Jaime that he would’ve avoided if he’d been somewhere else.

For example, Queen Regent NFriel of Wars and Politics of ASOIAF handles the question thus, today:

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Game of Speculation: I guess we’re still getting fodder?

Yeah, so, S6 filming is really and truly done, but we still have cast members doing interviews and they occasionally say stuff about what’s happening, so maybe I still have material for GoT-blogging between now and the S5 DVD release?

The fact that I anticipate having more blogging material with the DVD set should tell you what kind of weirdo I am.
Natalie Dormer said something about having a new scene partner, so that’s fodder for discussion. Sure. Over on Twitter, @BeautyBrienne suggests:

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Game of Cliffhangers: Now We Answer Some Questions

I have a new book! It’s so shiny and pretty, and it’s a genuine, official, HBO-sanctioned product!

“Game of Thrones: The Noble Houses of Westeros, Seasons 1-5” by Running Press


In which I peer disapprovingly at my ridiculous Cousin Cersei’s latest antics. 

We’re the Riverlands Lannisters, the ones that packed up and intermarried with the Tullys, hence the auburn hair and blue eyes. We still rock the red and gold, though.

I read basically all of this book on the way home from work this evening, and while it could use a bit more proofreading, the photos are gorgeous and some of the information is super helpful.

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Game of Hype: First breadcrumbs fall

If you don’t live under a rock, you may have caught a whiff of HBO’s Yearender video, which includes a teensy bit of stuff in Game of Thrones—including a few shots from S6! Oh boy oh boy oh boy. What have they shown us of S6? They gave us a shot each of Dany out in the wilderness looking frazzled, Cersei hugging Tommen, and Ramsay riding somewhere with banners flying. So…no new information. Of course they won’t give us new information. They acknowledge that Dany, Cersei/Tommen, and Ramsay still exist. Per my convo with Patrick last night on Twitter, they represent the Targaryen/Essos plot, the Lannisters/King’s Landing plot, and the North. As the Stark kids are all cliffhangers, they can’t be the face of the Northern plot, except for Bran, whose voice was already featured in the S6 teaser. Since the Boltons have taken over the North, and there are big question marks hanging over Jon, Sansa, Arya and Rickon, Ramsay occupies the place where we’d normally see the Starks. Tommen represents the Baratheon presence, as the real Baratheons are all dead. (No, really, guys, Stannis is not coming back. That whole family is fucking dead. Except for Gendry, who may or may not ever make it out of that rowboat.)

But anyway. Not really any new information. Just some very tiny breadcrumbs. I’m especially interested in the Cersei/Tommen pic. Someone at Watchers very nicely shined up Cersei and Tommen so we can get a better idea of what they’re wearing. Like so:

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