Game of Anticipation: Sensationalism is noted.

Tonight is Season 6 Teaser Night for Game of Thrones fans! The teaser was leaked earlier today because of course it was, so a lot of us got a chance to watch it well ahead of its proper release time of 8:59 PM. From most of us, the reaction was basically: meh. And I see where that’s coming from. There’s no new footage.


There’s still something to work with, and I wrote up an analysis of the teaser content for FanSided, which you can find here and includes the following:

Of the first four faces, there is a certain relationship between the lines we hear and the circumstances of the character’s death. Ned Stark abided by an honor-based system of law enforcement in which lords were expected to do the physical labor of death sentences. He was sentenced to death by Joffrey, but he was beheaded by a servant, Ser Ilyn Payne.

Of course I didn’t say anything about what this means for anyone’s chances of resurrection. Jon Snow is included in the trailer, and I didn’t say anything about what that says about whether he stays dead, and the reason I didn’t say anything is that I think it’s entirely obvious that he’s not staying dead, and everyone else is already on the topic of Jon’s status so I’m free to ask other questions.

Truly, though, I think Jon’s role in the teaser is qualitatively different from the other characters (go follow the link to my FanSided article to see what I mean) and the reason why he’s set apart from the others is that he’s the one who’s coming back. The other four characters are treated the way they are because…they’re dead and they’re staying that way.

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Game of Speculation: What Littlefinger Doesn’t Know

Remember my belly-aching months ago about how marrying Sansa to Ramsay fucking Bolton was such a preposterous idea because Littlefinger would never do anything so incredibly dangerous to her?

Yeah, well. I still think my logic was sound, but much of my outrage had to do with having already made predictions that precluded this turn of events. Also, my argument against the marriage plan was based on the assumption that Littlefinger knew perfectly well that Ramsay fucking Bolton was a disgusting sadistic monster. According to writer/producer Bryan Cogman, he didn’t know that:

The writer producer also confirmed that, for those suspecting Littlefinger might have known about Ramsay’s sadism, that Baelish was definitely ignorant of the situation. “The difference between the Ramsay Snow of the books and the show is the Ramsay of the show is not a famous psycho,” he said. “He’s not known everywhere as a psycho. So Littlefinger doesn’t have the intelligence on him. He knows they’re scary and creepy and not to be fully trusted and it’s part of a larger plan.”

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ASOIAF vs. GoT, Third: Who Cut Off Jaime’s Hand, and Why?

If you’ve watched Game of Thrones but not read the books, you may possibly be wondering if maybe there’s more of a story behind Jaime Lannister losing his right hand. I can assure you: yes, there is. For this post, I will explore the differences between show and books on the events surrounding this act of mutilation, from Jaime’s imprisonment by the Tullys and Starks to his return to the Red Keep. The differences between show and text are subtle, but broad, and I will analyze the sub-plot with a number of questions. I think the biggest question that the show elides and oversimplifies is the matter of why they maim him. It’ll be a long post, but organized. And I have citations. Lots and lots of citations. I don’t expect you to take my word on any of this.

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