Further Thoughts on Anti-Choice Consistency

Something that tends to come up in debates over abortion rights is the supposed inconsistency, or hypocrisy, of anti-choicers. Those of us who support a woman’s right to a safe, legal abortion have some tricks we like to use to try and chase our opponents into a corner. One of them is the Rape Double Bind: if an anti is willing to make exceptions for rape, she’s a hypocrite. If not, she’s a monster. I think this is problematic, but I’m not shooting my mouth off about it today. Instead, I’m going to comment on another purity test we like to inflict on the other side: the Death Penalty Trap. Specifically, I’m going into the supposed hypocrisy of people who both oppose elective abortion rights and support the death penalty.

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“That’s how I feel, too, except I’m not like THAT.”

I have finally read the study by Dan Dennett and Linda LaScola on Protestant clergy who don’t believe in God. If you have an e-reader, I recommend downloading the PDF, as it’s a fascinating read. Also: yay for a PDF that actually displays on my Kindle! I’m sure it’s fine to read on a computer, too, just bring the eye drops.

Now, far more qualified writers than I am have already done their commentary on the predicament of pastors who don’t believe what they’re retained to preach, and I won’t pretend to have anything original to add to that body of opinion. (In case you’re wondering: my heart goes out to these guys. I don’t blame them for staying in the heathen closet while keeping their jobs.)

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