The Pack Survives: Starks, Lannisters, connections

Ever since the first season of Game of Thrones, the Starks and Lannisters have been enemies. With the new Queen Cersei preoccupied with enemies in all directions, the situation is not expected to improve any time soon.

As if the great Houses’ mutual antagonism weren’t a serious enough problem, the surviving members of each family are turning on each other.

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You heard it from me first!

No, literally, I seem to be the only person in my GoT fans circle who’s responding to this article in TV Guide Magazine. I wrote up edited highlights for Fansided today, and so far I haven’t seen anyone else acknowledge that this coverage is out there. I guess TV Guide has become that irrelevant? Maybe? But this here, folks? This is worth our attention. Here’s a taste:

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Now let’s talk about the Dames of Thrones

I put this off because I focused on writing a quick mash-up of recent S6 promo material for my FanSided presence, and the latest Entertainment Weekly spread was part of that mash-up, but I’d like to focus on the spread itself.


The angle for EW’s coverage was to focus on six ladies to watch out for in Season 6. One could surmise that HBO encouraged EW to focus on female characters as a sneaky way to avoid talking about Jon Snow, but the issue DOES include a sidebar about Jon Snow’s living status. But, you know…maybe they tossed us that little bit of meat to distract us from looking too hard at Jon’s chances of return. There’s merit to the idea that HBO wanted to get the show some nice hefty coverage in EW while aiming the camera mostly away from Jon. Fine.

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Sansa, Brienne, and the consequences of decisions

Some time ago, Daniel Portman (Podrick) did an interview with IGN in which he said some things about Pod & Brienne’s biz in Season 6, and it made me a little uncomfortable:

IGN: A lot of Season 5 was Pod and Brienne waiting for Sansa, waiting for the sign, and there’s sort of the twist at the end where they go off and find Stannis. So what can you say of where they find themselves at the beginning of Season 6 and what the payoff for that waiting last season might be?

Portman: Now, I have to be diplomatic. [laughs] So, what I will say is, you’re right, Season 5 was a series of near misses. Brienne is a very strong-minded character, and she has goals and a real drive to do the right thing, and while Podrick is with Brienne, they’re going to continue down that path, trying to fulfill the oath that she made. So I would say that’s where we start in Season 6, essentially in the same place — not geographically, but in the same place as we started in Season 5, where they’re still trying to do what she said she was going to do.

IGN: I feel like this show doesn’t often repeat itself, so does that mean, even though they’re starting in the same place, the journey might be significantly different than last year?

Portman: Absolutely, absolutely. They’re both different character, different people, after everything that happened in Season 5. Their situation changed them, and their relationship has grown. So they are different people, and they are geographically in a different place, but they are sort of back to square one in terms of their quest.

Having spent much of the past year arguing in favor of Season 6 being the time when Brienne finally makes the connection with Sansa she’s been trying to achieve all this time…this interview made me nervous. Just a bit.

BUT HERE’S THE THING. Portman sort of sounds like he’s telling us our nightmares have come true and Bri has to spend yet another season not having already connected with her lady’s daughter, but if that’s really what happens, then he just gave a lot of information away. Which makes it very odd that he began his answer with: “Now, I have to be diplomatic. So, what I will say is…”

(SPOILERS below the jump)

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STILL ready to die on that hill.

You may have noticed people talking about a new Game of Thrones Season 6 ad—like a half trailer?—that aired during a basketball game on Thursday night. Just on TV! Up until this afternoon, all we had online were camera-on-TV-screen coverage, which is awkward at best. The fabulous and amazing Manu shared a bunch of still shots on Twitter, which was our first awareness of the new ad, and someone else (it’s late and I can’t be bothered; go look at Watchers and you’ll see it) recorded the video and shared it on YouTube. It was hilarious, you could totally see the reflection of the guy with his camera. Anyway! We have a new, quick Season 6 ad, with a little bit of new content. Look at this!

Right? And we also got a very shiny new Season 6 article in Entertainment Weekly with beautiful photos, some production stills and some posed portraits just for EW, including excellent coverage of our dearest Big Wench. I wrote a sort of mash-up of the EW article and the new ad, and it went live at FanSided earlier today (Saturday).


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Game of Obsession: Little She-Wolf


Yeah, I’ll just go ahead and call this biz “Game of Obsession” from now on, because that’s what I’ve done to myself.

In a rare fit of having spare time yesterday, I started puttering around in Google Drive and gathering the puzzle pieces for Arya. I’ve never been all that into Arya, but right now I feel like I should have a grip on what she’s up to.

ETA: Try this one here. Yeah, I’ve got some ideas.

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