Ayaan Hirsi Ali, what is that I don’t even.

Head, meet desk:

While accepting a prize this month from the German multimedia company Axel Springer, Somali-born Dutch AEI scholar Ayaan Hirsi Alispoke on the “advocates of silence” — those she admonishes for purportedly stifling criticisms of radical Islamic extremism.

Says Ms. Hirsi Ali:

Fourthly and finally, that one man who killed 77 people in Norway, because he fears that Europe will be overrun by Islam, may have cited the work of those who speak and write against political Islam in Europe and America – myself among them – but he does not say in his 1500 page manifesto that it was these people who inspired him to kill. He says very clearly that it was the advocates of silence. Because all outlets to express his views were censored, he says, he had no other choice but to use violence.

How about…?


A man does not kill 77 people because no one will let him talk about the horribleness of Islam or the evils of multiculturalism. This is not a consequence of having been silenced by politically correct society. This is about the way he views human life. He killed those people because he thought their lives were worthless and their deaths were trivial. It’s possible that such an attitude is highly correlated with having anti-multicultural views, but one cannot honestly blame the liberal culture of Norway for his violence because no one wanted to hear his rantings about the brown people taking over. Being “censored” by a “politically correct” society does not turn a guy into a killer. Being a violent, racist, misogynist (and arguably, in need of psychiatric help that he wasn’t getting) xenophobe is what turns a guy into a killer.