Some more quick thoughts on the Blue Wave

  1. It surprises no one that the Dem freshman class in the House is way, way more diverse than the GOP freshman class. Of course it is. But I also notice that the Dem freshman class is overall much, much better-looking than the new GOP reps, and I don’t feel bad about saying so.
  2. We were told that new Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was “protesting” against Nancy Pelosi. What actually happened was that AOC was speaking with activists in support of Ms. Pelosi, and the upcoming Speaker praised AOC and the activists for their engagement.
  3. I, for one, welcome the mentorship of Terrifying Badass Grandma with Fierce Young Upstart in Congress.
  4. Now that the Dems have gathered up a heaping helping of House seats and may yet snag a couple more Senate seats, Bitch McCandlehead is making noises about the importance of bipartisanship. Aaaaaa-hahahahaha, no, asshole. I hope Ms. Pelosi bites your spine in half. Shouldn’t take too much effort.

Y’all get a reprieve

Okay, from last post, when I remarked on 59% of Texas white women voting for Cruz? Same complaint still applies: the problem isn’t just with the number of white ladies who positively voted for Cruz, it’s with the number who didn’t vote at all. If you COULD HAVE voted for Beto O’Rourke, and didn’t, you helped to re-elect Ted Cruz to the Senate and yes you should feel bad.

To all the young progressives who’ve never voted before but who voted for Dems in yesterday’s election: Good job! Do more of this.

To all the conservatives who always voted for Repubs before, but who voted for Dems this year because you’re horrified at what the GOP is doing now: You did the right thing. Gimme a high five.

And to the leftier-than-thou pure-gressives who STILL could not be arsed to go the polls and vote blue because the Dems are never good enough for you?

You’re welcome; y’all get a reprieve of at least two years before you have to worry about your trifling asses being first against the wall. I still fucking see you.

America lives to see another day.

I had to work last night. I had requested the day off so I could vote, and my boss just gave me the morning off. So I voted, but then I had to spend the evening in a restaurant with big TV screens over the bar and lots of customers eagerly following CNN. I did my best to ignore the news and mostly succeeded. Then I turned my phone on Airplane mode, went home, and stayed in bed until I felt prepared for the news.

Okay, so: the GOP still controls the Senate, so we still have Bitch McCandlehead’s fucking face taking up valuable real estate in the news. We lost Heidi Heitkamp, which I attribute entirely to the GOP’s voter suppression fuckery with their bullshit address requirements against Native Americans, and that sucks, so that’s something to remember for the future. We lost Claire McCaskill, and that also sucks. Maryland re-elected Larry Hogan, and that’s annoying. I voted for Ben Jealous! They’re still counting the votes for governor of Georgia, and I expect that fuckhead Kemp to get the seat, and I attribute his victory entirely to his own voter suppression fuckery as sitting Secretary of State, and that’s also something to remember for the future. But I really want Stacey Abrams to win. Ted Cruz is still in the Senate, and that’s obnoxious, but Beto O’Rourke NEARLY got it, and that’s impressive. Basically, there weren’t nearly enough GOP Senators up for re-election this year, and the deck was stacked in their favor, but the Dems did better than expected.

And also! We got a blue House! We got lots of women elected to House seats, including 2 Native American women and 2 Muslim women, and that’s awesome. We got some new Governorships and a bunch of progressive new laws passed.

We can still do better! White women in Texas voted 59% in favor of Ted Cruz, which is shameful but it’s hardly surprising. We are our own worst enemies.

Overall, the situation is better than it was before, and that is better news than I expected, so good job, America! Now let’s work harder and do better.