I’m not angry. I’m tired.

There has been. Another. Shooting.

This one, at a theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. Two people killed, and the shooter committed suicide. Did no one ever tell him to USE THE FIRST BULLET ON HIMSELF?

I’m low on details, and for now I’m too fucking exhausted to seek out more info. When I want a more coherent story, I can always check in with my Twitter peeps. They’re on top of it.

The shooter was a late-middle-aged white guy. Close to my parents’ age. Apparently had Tea Party loyalties. Which means the big media sources aren’t going to call him a domestic terrorist. He’ll be a lone wolf, and probably with some mental health issues.

I am just so fucking fed up with seeing this shit happen in my country. How many more fucking times does this have to happen before we Americans finally ask ourselves what the fuck is wrong with us?