“The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

The Nigerian government continues to fail in its response to the kidnapping of schoolgirls from Chibok. The latest tactic is blame the protesting parents:

Nigerian President Jonathan, who has taken sweeping criticism for what some have perceived as disregard for the crisis, addressed concerns on Sunday. “Wherever these girls are, we’ll get them out,” Jonathan said, adding that officials had no idea where they were.

Then he proceeded to criticize parents for not being forthright with police. ”What we request is maximum cooperation from the guardians and the parents of these girls. Because up to this time, they have not been able to come clearly, to give the police clear identity of the girls that have yet to return,” he said.

No, Mr. President. The problem here is not with the girls’ parents. You should not be finger-wagging the kidnapped girls’ parents for some imaginary failure of candor with the police. You have no business blaming the parents for anything when the military is doing fuck-all to rescue the girls and your wife is ordering the arrests of leading protesters.

A leader of a protest march for the missing schoolgirls says Nigeria’s first lady abused them, expressed doubts there was any kidnapping and accused them of belonging to the network blamed for the abductions. Then she ordered two of them arrested, the AP reported.

Saratu Angus Ndirpaya of Chibok town said State Security Service agents drove her and protest leader Naomi Mutah Nyadar to a police station Monday after an all-night meeting at the presidential villa in Abuja, the capital. She said Nyadar remains in detention. Police could not be reached for comment.

Ndirpaya says Patience Jonathan accused them of fabricating the abductions to give Nigeria’s government and her husband “a bad name.”

Maybe if the government put more effort into rescuing the girls from Chibok, and less effort into punishing protesters, your husband would be viewed more positively? Just a thought.


The girls are on their own.

Some of the girls kidnapped from taking exams at school have escaped from their captors. They were not rescued; they managed to get out on their own power. The Nigerian government’s response to the abduction has so far been discouraging.

The day after the abduction, the Nigerian military claimed that it had rescued nearly all of the girls. A day later, the military retracted its claim; it had not actually rescued any of the girls. And the number that the government said was missing, just over a hundred, was less than half the number that parents and school officials counted: according to their tally, two hundred and thirty-four girls were taken.

In the wake of the military’s failure, parents banded together and raised money to send several of their number into the forest to search for the girls. The group came across villagers who persuaded the parents to turn back. They told the parents that they had seen the girls nearby, but the insurgents were too well armed. Many of the parents had just bows and arrows.

The reason why Boko Haram decided to kidnap these girls (they are a mix of Christian and Muslim, according to Okeowo’s article) was simply that they were attending school. The government’s response to a terrorist group kidnapping triple digits of schoolgirls and selling them into sexual slavery is to pretend to have done something, and then still not do anything. Those girls are left to twist in the wind.

*looks outside* NOPE

I’m having a bout of depression now, and that doesn’t make me a very interesting blogger. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine! I’m not in any danger, I’m just always angry and bitter. If I don’t have a good reason to be angry, my jerkbrain will create a bad one. The weather this week (it’s consistently wet, gray and getting worse) certainly doesn’t help matters.

The next several months of my life (rough estimate) promise to be a parade of sleep deprivation and isolation. Part of that is because my new novel has reached another, promising stage of Almost Ready for Publication, and part of it is that I plan to commit another round of wall-busting and door-smashing on this blog. I can’t do it right now, as the Import tool on WordPress appears to be out of commission tonight, or it doesn’t like my Internet connection, but when it happens, shit’s getting real.


There were over 200 girls abducted from taking exams at school in Nigeria a couple weeks ago. Latest reports are that they were sold as brides to militants. Which means their new husbands are raping and beating those girls repeatedly until they get too tired to refuse anymore. Even if those girls eventually depart from their captors and reunite with their families, they won’t be able to just go back to normal and act like it was no big deal. If any of those girls get a chance to leave their captors behind, I suspect it won’t be all of them.